When the administrative authorities warned, 'Don't put the puma in the house because it's cold,' the Internet people who want to make the puma a pet are repulsing.

Puma, which lives in the Americas, is a large carnivore of the family Felidae and is too dangerous to keep as a pet. However, when the Wildlife Conservation Bureau of Oklahoma, USA tweeted, 'Don't put a furry puma in your house because it's cold,' you've been hit by a fierce counterattack from people who want to put a puma in your house. ..

Oklahoma wildlife dept. says mountain lions don't make good pets. The internet disagrees. | Live Science

On January 20, 2022, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Department said, 'You are cold. They (Puma) have fur. (Puma) house, along with a photo of Puma lying on their back on the snow. Don't put it in. '

This tweet is based on the net meme 'If You're Cold, They're Cold'. Originally, this word called for pets kept outside to be kept indoors during the winter, but with pictures of 'animals that can not normally be put in the house' such as puma by the Internet people. It has changed with the meme posted in.

While riding this meme, the Wildlife Conservation Bureau sent out a playful message, 'Don't make a puma a pet.' However, as Twitter users began to react to 'I want to put Puma in my house', tweets attracted attention, and at the time of article creation, more than 3000 replies and more than 7,000 quoted RTs were received.

'Isn't it safe to look like a friend like this?'

'I'm going to put it in'

'Okay, what if I put it in already?'

'Hey! Put it in!'

'I can't put Aunt Carol to sleep outside!'

'If I was killed by a puma, the last word would be'Here, cat, cat'.'

Sarah Sutherland, a social media coordinator at the Wildlife Conservation Agency, said, 'My message is always'Don't make a puma a pet', but when I wake up in the morning everyone on the internet decides to make a puma a pet. I'm very scared, 'he jokingly commented. I posted a Photoshop image that explains the situation further, using the reaction of Twitter users as a story.

In the image posted with the caption 'Oklahoma is like this now', two fighting corgis were told 'Our tweet not to let wild animals go home' and 'Puma of the whole Oklahoma as a pet'. The captions 'People who want to do it' and the surrounding corgi have captions such as 'Other Twitter users who also pet Puma' and 'The eyes that America sees us'.

'I think most people know that pumas aren't big cats, they're very dangerous animals,' said Darryn Hill, a former wildlife conservation bureau who said the series of reactions. .. However, he adds that some people may think that they can keep puma as a pet, even though they know that puma is dangerous.

Jerod Davis, a senior biologist at the Wildlife Conservation Department, points out that pumas are wildlife and that keeping them as pets is illegal in Oklahoma. 'Wild animals are unpredictable and it is very dangerous for both animals and you to keep them in your house.' 'Wild animals can take care of themselves much better than humans,' he said.

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