The Japanese version of the English word guessing game 'Wordle' 'WORDLE ja' has appeared, so I tried playing it.

'Wordle ' is a browser game that guesses five-letter English words based on the hints obtained by entering words. Inspired by this game, the Japanese version of 'WORDLE ja', which is OK even for people who do not know English words, has appeared, so I immediately tried playing it.


When you access WORDLE ja, the following screen will be displayed. First, click 'Start' next to the seed value to generate the answer word.

Next, enter the appropriate 5 characters in the 'Answer' field and click 'Send'.

Then, the Japanese syllabary including voiced sound and handakuon will be partially filled. Of these, the letters that glow yellow are 'included in the answer, but the position is different', the letters that glow green are 'included in the answer and the position is correct', and the letters that glow black Indicates that 'is not included in the answer'. In other words, in this case, the second and third letters of the answer word are confirmed by 'u' and 'shi'. It is confirmed that 'n' is located in a place other than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th characters.

The entered words will be lined up in the 'answer history'. In the case of the original Wordle, you can only enter real English words, and there is a limit that you can enter up to 6 times a day and the number of games can be up to once a day, but WORDLE ja does not have such a limit. You can enter words that do not make sense if you have 5 letters in hiragana, you can try as many times as you like, and you can change the seed value to generate various answers.

Wordle can be guessed from 26 letters of the alphabet, but WORDLE ja needs to guess from 81 letters, which is more than tripled, so it is very difficult to derive the answer with the minimum number of trials. You can enter any words as many times as you like, so you will be able to reach the answer eventually.

The dictionary data used as a reference for the answer is 'Japanese Language Learning Dictionary Support Group (2015)' Japanese Language Education Vocabulary Table Ver 1.0 ''.

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