The first cat 'Willow' who came to President Biden is very popular

The White House , the heart of the American government , has an executive residence in the official residence of the president and his family. Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, and his family also live in an executive residence, but Mr. Biden's wife, First Lady Jill Biden, has the cat Willow as the first cat. I reported that I moved to the White House.

Willow the First Cat has officially moved into Biden's White House

On Friday, January 28, 2022, Jill reported on her Twitter that the cat Willow had moved to the White House. This tweet has been retweeted more than 17,000 at the time of writing and has collected more than 200,000 likes.

It was Willow who jumped on stage and interrupted his speech during the 2020 United States presidential election when he held an election rally in Pennsylvania. Jill's spokesman, Michael Larosa, said, 'The farm owner (the owner of Willow at the time), who felt that Jill and Willow had an immediate bond when they met, presented Willow to the Biden couple. 'I said told you.

Willow has never lived with the Biden couple, and 'when will he come to the Biden couple?' Was often asked in interviews with President Biden, Mr. Jill, and spokespersons for both. rice field. Also, in the question corner conducted on Twitter, the question 'When will Willow become a family?' Was asked, and it has attracted a lot of attention.

Willow is named after Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, his hometown. The number of dogs that have lived in the White House has exceeded 100, but only 12 cats. Willow will be the first cat to live in the White House since the two cats, Laura and India, owned by former President George W. Bush.

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