Osaka Osho 'Soshimen' No. 1 'Buchiuma Sauce Yakisoba' tasting review, I checked the taste of 1237 kcal per plate

In 2021, the King of Osaka prepared 44 kinds of yakisoba in this town that used local ingredients from all over Japan and packed with individuality and commitment, and held the ' Your Choice! Recommended Noodles in this Town General Election'. It is said that Hiroshima Prefecture's 'Buchiuma Sauce Yakisoba ', which won first place as a result of the vote, will be on sale nationwide from January 27, 2022 (Thursday), so to check the taste of 'Buchiuma' for a limited time. , I actually bought it and tried it.

-Hiroshima Prefecture is the number one in the general election for recommended noodles! It will be on sale nationwide for a limited time ~ 'Yakisoba in this town (Hiroshima) Buchiuma sauce yakisoba' will be on sale from Thursday, January 27 |

This time, I bought 'Buchiuma Sauce Yakisoba' at takeout.

'Buchiuma Sauce Yakisoba' has two containers, and toppings such as red pickled ginger, otafuku sauce, green onions, and mayonnaise are lined up in the upper row.

The actual weight is 657g.

When I remove the upper container, one side is covered with something like an omelet.

Eggs are baked with cabbage, and they look like fried chicken, and may look a little like Tenshin-don.

However, when I raised the egg up, there was not rice underneath, but thick noodles fried in sauce with pork belly and bean sprouts.

Stir-fried cabbage and eggs have a crispy surface, but they have a semi-ripe finish and a smooth texture.

Thick noodles fried in Otafuku sauce have a fluffy texture and are sufficient to eat. The seasoning itself is simple and not so strong.

I will follow the sauce with red pickled ginger, green onions and mayonnaise here.

If you eat only noodles, the level is 'slightly light?', But you can make the taste stronger with the acidity of red pickled ginger, the mellowness of mayonnaise, the flavor of green onions, and the chasing sauce. Since the amount of toppings is large, I was able to fully enjoy the taste change, and I was able to eat the noodles that still come out of the container without getting tired.

In addition, Buchiuma Sauce Yakisoba (PDF file) is 1237 kcal per plate , and it is 695 yen including tax.

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