'Train robbery' targeting running freight trains has increased rapidly in the United States, and derailment accidents have also occurred due to cardboard boxes scattered by robbers.

Some people think of 'train robbery' as a western drama, but in the United States, train robbery has increased rapidly since the beginning of the 2020s, and robbed cardboard is scattered around the railroad tracks, causing derailment accidents. Misery has also been reported.

'It's ugly out there': Rail theft soars on LA tracks --Los Angeles Times


Union Pacific Railroad , the largest freight railroad company in the United States, reported that train robbery in Los Angeles had increased by 160% from December 2020 to the time of writing. The details of the robbed supplies are unknown, but the damage is estimated to be more than $ 5 million (about 570 million yen).

According to photojournalist John Schreiber , trains running in Los Angeles will slow down or stop in certain sections, and train robbers board freight trains at the timing when the train slows down and stops, and puts containers. I open it and steal supplies. In the following movie posted by Schreiber, you can see how cardboard etc. are scattered around the stopped freight train.

Also, if you play the following movie, you can see that innumerable cardboard boxes are scattered over a wide area. 'I heard that this area was cleaned 30 days ago, which means that the packages in this movie were scattered within a month,' Schreiber said.

In addition, photojournalist Mike Ade filmed a freight train derailed due to the effects of scattered cardboard boxes.

Below is a picture of the derailed freight train and the cardboard boxes scattered around it taken by Mr. Ade.

The Los Angeles Times, who reported this issue, has photos of people taking away cardboard boxes scattered on the railroad tracks.

According to Union Pacific Railroad spokeswoman Adrian Guerrero, about 90 freight containers are at risk each day. 'Train robbery can also be done by looting groups organized by street sleepers. Union Pacific Railroad has deployed more drones to enhance security, the Los Angeles Police and the California Highway.・ Patrol asked the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office to take measures to prevent theft, 'he emphasized that he strengthened measures against train robbery.

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