I took pictures of various things such as the Tower of the Sun, Kinkakuji Temple, and the railway with Nikon's 'Z 9'.

As the flagship machine of Nikon's mirrorless camera 'Z' series, the 'Z 9', which has significantly enhanced high-speed continuous shooting performance and video shooting performance, appeared in December 2021. Actually, I took it out a little closer to see what kind of photos and videos I could take if I took it out to the town.

Z 9 --Overview | Mirrorless Camera | Nikon Imaging


A photo review summarizes what the 'Z 9' looks like and how big it is.

Nikon's new flagship mirrorless camera 'Nikon Z 9' photo review --GIGAZINE

Since it is a flagship model, I decided to rely on the camera performance as much as possible, and when shooting, I only changed the image quality mode to 'FINE ★' in the 'still image shooting menu', and 'manage the custom menu' irradiates the built-in AF auxiliary light. I just changed the setting from ON to OFF, and everything else is in the default state. In addition, the lens mainly uses '

NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f / 2.8 S ', and some ' NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f / 4-6.3 VR ' is also used. The photos taken are not processed except for resizing before posting.

Tower of the Sun (ISO800, F2.8, 1 / 2600s)

'Face of the Sun' (ISO400, F9, 1 / 1000s)

Ice tulip (ISO3200, F2.8, 1 / 6400s)

Tower of the Sun and large roof (ISO400, F11, 1 / 500s)

Large roof (ISO400, F8, 1 / 1000s)

Earth Pond (ISO400, F14, 1 / 640s)

Cut out the carp in the pond of the earth and the place where you are swimming by continuous shooting (ISO4500, F2.8, 1 / 6400s, + 1.0EV)

Water Square (ISO25600, F6.3, 1 / 6400s, 1.0EV)

Expo'70 Commemorative Park Nishioji (ISO400, F6.3, 1 / 160s, + 1.0EV)

Bear doll that seems to be a lost item (ISO400, F2.8, 1 / 100s, + 1.0EV)

Steel tower (ISO400, F4.5, 1 / 80s, + 1.0EV)

Pedestrian bridge (ISO400, F3.5, 1 / 50s)

EF210 type electric locomotive (ISO400, F5.6, 1 / 400s)

JR West 225 series train bound for Yasu (ISO400, F7.1, 1 / 640s)

JR West 683 series train / deadhead (ISO400, F8, 1 / 800s)

JR West 225 series train bound for Aboshi (left back) & JR West 223 series train bound for Special Rapid Service Himeji (right) (ISO400, F5, 1 / 2000s)

JR West 321 series train, normal bound for Shin-Mita (left) & JR West 207 series train, deadhead (right) (ISO720, F2.8, 1 / 80s)

Kyoto City Fire Department helicopter 'Atago' (ISO400, F8, 1 / 1000s)

Shojaku garage seen from Shojaku Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line (ISO3200, F11, 1 / 2000s)

Shojaku garage (ISO3200, F8, 1 / 4000s)

Ceiling structure of JR Kyoto Station (ISO200, F3.2, 1 / 100s)

JR Kyoto Station Bus General Information Board (ISO100, F3.5, 1 / 50s)

Kyoto Tower (ISO100, F5.6, 1 / 125s)

Snow-covered Kinkakuji Temple (ISO100, F4.5, 1 / 320s)

Kinkakuji Hojo (ISO100, F6.3, 1 / 160s)

Ryumon Falls (ISO22800, F2.8, 1 / 16000s)

Shijo Kawaramachi at night (ISO450, F2.8, 1 / 40s)

Tower of the Sun at night (ISO3200, F2.8, 1 / 20s)

Expo City Ferris wheel 'OSAKA WHEEL' (ISO720, F2.8, 1 / 25s)

OSAKA WHEEL special gondola (ISO10000, F2.8, 1 / 80s)

A flock of gondola going up (ISO3200, F2.8, 1 / 80s)

109 Cinemas Osaka Expocity (ISO3200, F5, 1 / 100s)

Planting that was lit up (ISO3200, F2.8, 1 / 60s)

Bicycle storage (ISO2000, F2.8, 1 / 40s)

Freshness Burger & French Fries (R) & Fresh Lemonade (T. Hot) with 25% increase (ISO7200, F18, 1 / 40s)

Freshness Burger (ISO12000, F18, 1 / 80s)

French fries (ISO18000, F18, 1 / 80s)

Nan & Curry (ISO3200, F8, 1 / 250s)

In the early days of the Z series, the Z 7 and Z 6 were compatible with 4K UHD / 30p and full HD / 120p, but 8K UHD / 30p and 4K UDH / 120p can also be shot.

The following is a comparison of 8K UHD / 30p and 4K UHD / 120p with almost the same composition. Due to the specifications of YouTube, it is impossible to play back with 4K UHD / 120p, and it is 4K UHD / 60p.

Shooting OSAKA WHEEL & Osaka Monorail with Nikon Z 9 / 8K UHD / 30p --YouTube

Shooting OSAKA WHEEL & Osaka Monorail with Nikon Z 9 / 4K UHD / 120p --YouTube

Another example is a picture of a small waterfall in a park.

Video shooting of the water plaza of Expo '70 Commemorative Park with Nikon Z9 / 8K UHD / 30p-YouTube

Video shooting of the water square of Expo '70 Commemorative Park with Nikon Z9 / 4K UHD / 120p-YouTube

The shutter sound during high-speed continuous shooting looks like this. There is no mechanical shutter, and the sound is more like a 'chuck' than a 'click'.

The shutter sound during high-speed continuous shooting with the Nikon Z 9 looks like this-YouTube

The feeling of carrying it around for a few days is that you can usually take the picture you want by holding it, so it seems that you will be worried about which lens to use in combination rather than the body. However, if you are accustomed to smartphones and small and lightweight mirrorless cameras, the weight of 1.3 kg for the body alone and 2 kg for the lens is, to put it simply, 'a sense of stability when you hold it', but you can carry it around. The accumulated damage at the time is quite large, and I want it to be in the low 1kg range including the lens. I understand that it is difficult because it can be said that it is a weight because it is packed with high performance, but if you are not confident in carrying a heavy camera all day, you may consider Z 7II etc. if it is the same Z series. maybe.

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