I tried the new flavor of McNugget 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Peppercorn Garlic' with two kinds of limited-time sauce.

From Wednesday, January 12, 2022, a new flavor of the popular chicken mac nugget ' Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget Peppercorn Garlic ' has appeared at McDonald's. It is said that the taste of coarse black pepper and garlic is delicious, so I tried it together with the limited-time sauces 'garlic soy sauce mayo sauce ' and ' smoked cheese sauce'.

The long-awaited new 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Peppercorn Garlic' will be available for a limited time from 1/12 (Wednesday)! | McDonald's Japan

Take out 'Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget Peppercorn Garlic' at once. I bought 4 5 pieces to get 2 limited time sauces and 2 regular sauces.

'Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget Black Peppercorn Garlic' is

a new flavor of chicken mac nugget following 'Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget ' that appeared in June 2018, and is spicy using coarse black pepper and garlic, white pepper, chili pepper, etc. Nugget. Before opening the box, there was an appetizing scent of black pepper and garlic, but when the box is opened, a stronger scent hits the heavens.

You can see that the batter on the surface is mixed with coarse black pepper.

When you eat it as it is, the scent of black pepper spreads in your mouth with the texture of crispy clothes and soft chicken. The flavor of garlic and the spicy spiciness of chili peppers combine to create a spicy aftertaste that remains in your mouth even after swallowing, making it a finish that you can fully enjoy with the nugget alone.

Next, I will try it with various sauces.

First, try combining it with the 'garlic soy sauce mayo sauce' that has been released for a limited time.

When I removed the lid, a brown sauce mixed with black pepper appeared. When you bring your face closer, you can feel the scent of garlic and soy sauce, and it seems that it is a source of Japanese taste.

When you dip and eat 'Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget Peppercorn Garlic', you can feel the spicy pods of black pepper and the taste of garlic. On the other hand, the spiciness of the nugget is milder, wrapped in the flavor of mellow mayonnaise and soy sauce.

Next is the 'Smoked Cheese Sauce' for a limited time.

The sauce, which is a blend of smoked cheese and cheddar cheese, has a strong aroma of cheese.

When you dip the nugget and eat it, you can feel the flavor of cheese and the strong acidity, and the taste of the black pepper of the nugget itself becomes milder. In addition, the editorial staff who ate it said that it had a 'flavor that wasn't all about cheese,' making it a deep sauce.

I will also dip it into a regular 'barbecue sauce'.

The tomato-based barbecue sauce, which has a slightly sour and sweet taste, goes well with the spicy chicken mac nugget black pepper garlic, and you can enjoy a stable taste.

Finally, this is also the familiar 'mustard sauce'.

The mustard sauce, which is a combination of spiciness and sweet and sour, enhances the spiciness of 'Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget Peppercorn Garlic'.

The over-the-counter price of 'Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget Peppercorn Garlic' is 200 yen including tax, but the price is different at some stores and delivery. It is possible to order not only as a single item but also as a side menu of the value set, but unlike normal nuggets, we do not offer a 15 piece set, so if you want to eat 10 or more or taste multiple sauces , You need to order multiple 5 pieces. The sale period is scheduled from January 12, 2022 (Tuesday) to the beginning of February.

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