Reported that Meta has left a blank slate of its own OS development project for AR / VR

It is reported that Meta, which owns Oculus in the VR division of Facebook's operating company, has canceled the project to develop the OS 'XROS' for AR and VR devices. Meta plans to continue running its own VR devices on Android-based operating systems.

Meta Platforms Halts VR and AR Operating System Project — The Information

Meta reportedly canceled a 300-person VR / AR operating system project --The Verge

Meta reportedly gives up on VR-focused operating system

The OS of Oculus Quest 2, which is the main product of Meta's VR division Oculus, is developed based on Android, but Meta changed its name from social media such as Facebook to promote a new network centered on Metaverse. , I have been building XROS for many years. Hundreds of employees are involved in the development of this XROS, and Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has talked about the potential of XROS in the past, but according to IT news media The Information, Meta Has discontinued the development of XROS. The specific reason why Meta stopped developing XROS is not clear.

The Information says, 'Since Mark Lucovsky, who was leading the XROS development project, left Meta to participate in Google's AR / VR related project in December 2021, the progress of XROS development (Shinchoku) Was stopped. '

It is clear that Google has started developing an 'augmented reality OS' for innovative AR devices-GIGAZINE

Rukovsky told The Information that he left Meta in an interview with former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who brought out Facebook Papers , a whistleblower document, and questioned Facebook's efforts and attitude. That was the trigger. '

Meta's discontinuation of XROS marks a major setback in the AR / VR competition with Apple and Microsoft. For example, the AR / VR headset, which is rumored to be released by Apple in 2022, is almost certainly equipped with an OS developed by Apple. In addition, although Microsoft's OS for VR devices has not been clarified, the company has announced a policy to develop its own color in terms of hardware, such as announcing that it will develop a custom chip for AR devices in partnership with Qualcomm. ..

Qualcomm announces partnership with Microsoft to develop custom chips for AR glasses-GIGAZINE

XDA-Developers on the developer forum said, 'This plan change doesn't seem to delay Meta's efforts to get the VR and AR space in hand, but perhaps Meta will depend on Android for some time. It will be. '

In addition, Meta denied the coverage of The Information in response to the interview from the IT news site The Verge, and said, 'We have not stopped or reduced the development of OS for AR / VR. , Development projects continue to progress. We continue to invest in building future computing platforms like AR glasses and wearable devices to realize our Metaverse vision. '

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