NVIDIA launches free version 'Omniverse', what can you do with 'Omniverse' in the first place?

Semiconductor maker NVIDIA is building

'NVIDIA Omniverse, ' a design collaboration platform to enhance and accelerate creative apps and workflows. Omniverse was released in open beta in 2021, but it was announced that it will be available for free for users using NVIDIA GPUs such as the GeForce RTX series.

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NVIDIA has announced that Omniverse, which was in open beta, will be available for free to users of NVIDIA RTX series and GeForce RTX series GPUs.

Omniverse is NVIDIA's real-time 3D design collaboration platform and virtual world simulation platform. NVIDIA cites 'breathtaking ray tracing rendering,' 'physically accurate simulation,' 'photorealistic real-time rendering,' and 'multi-user design collaboration' as specific examples of use in the construction and engineering industry. , Entertainment industry, manufacturing industry, supercomputing, game development, etc.

You can check the example of Omniverse in the following movie.

NVIDIA Omniverse for Creators | A New Way to Connect and Collaborate --YouTube

Omniverse allows artists, designers and creators to use major design apps to create 3D assets and scenes from their PCs. The specific apps that can be used are as follows. You can also integrate third-party apps such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Photoshop with Omniverse.

AUDIO2FACE : An app that can generate rich facial expressions using only voice sources using the power of AI.
CREATE : An app that interactively assembles, simulates, and renders scenes in real time with Pixar USD.
MACHINIMA : AI toolkit for RTX creators
KAOLIN : A visualization tool that can be used in combination with NVIDIA's Kaolin PyTorch library to simplify and accelerate 3D deep learning research.
ISAAC SIM : An app that allows you to import, build and test your robot in a highly fidelity, photorealistic 3D environment.
VIEW : A powerful, physically accurate and photorealistic visualization tool

Apart from the free version, a paid subscription version of Omniverse Enterprise is also available, which has already been announced at GTC in November 2021.

NVIDIA said of Omniverse, 'It's the culmination of over 20 years of NVIDIA's groundbreaking work, bringing graphics, AI, simulation, and scalable computing to a single platform and enhancing existing 3D workflows.' It explains.

Omniverse can be downloaded from the following.

Omniverse Platform for 3D Design Collaboration and Simulation | NVIDIA

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