Summary of Apple products expected to be released in 2022 such as iPhone 14 and VR headset

Apple launched a number of products in 2021, including the AirTag and the MacBook Pro with its own SoC, and made a huge leap

forward in the same year to generate its highest profits. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, a major American telecommunications company, has announced the product that Apple is expected to announce in 2022.

What's Apple (AAPL) Releasing in 2022? iPhone 14, AirPods Pro 2, iMac Pro, iPads --Bloomberg kxxmcej5

Apple announced the original SoC 'M1 ' developed for Mac in 2020. It has been installed in the ' MacBook Air ', ' MacBook Pro ', and ' iPad Pro' to improve user convenience. Furthermore, in October 2021, the professional SoCs ' M1 Pro ' and ' M1 Max ' were announced. Equipped with a 10-core CPU and a 16-32-core GPU, these SoCs are included in the already-released 2021 MacBook Pro .

Mr. Garman expects the appearance of this M1 Pro or a high-end model equipped with M1 Max. We anticipate a small Mac Pro or Mac mini with up to 40-core CPUs and 128-core GPUs, and a large-screen iMac Pro in 2022. 'Apple will also improve the MacBook Air,' Garman said. In addition, Mr. Garman also referred to information from sources that 'iPad Pro compatible with wireless charging and iPad mini without home button will appear', and while making predictions about the new iPad, it has sufficient specifications. 'I don't know' if the current iPad Pro will be renewed or if it will be equipped with the new SoC 'M2'.

Regarding mobile devices, Mr. Garman predicts that 'the iPhone SE with 5G support will appear in the first half of 2022, and the iPhone 14 with a punchhole type display will appear in the fall of 2022.' Regarding the iPhone 14, prominent analyst Minchi Kuo predicts that 'a new iPhone with a punch hole type display will appear in 2022 by eliminating the notch at the top of the main body', because of the face recognition system Face ID It is expected that a model that enables face recognition while eliminating the notch prepared for the iPhone will be released. In addition, the appearance of such a new Apple Watch is expected as well, as the patent for the Apple Watch, which replaces the optical sensor with the digital crown, has been filed.

Next, Mr. Garman also expects the appearance of Apple's genuine VR / AR headset. In January 2021, Mr. Garman reported that 'the headset under development by Apple has already reached the final stage of the prototype', the content is 'VR head developed under the code name of'N301'' The set is equipped with a chip that partially exceeds the M1 and a display with much higher resolution than existing VR products, and it sells for 300 dollars (about 35,000 yen) to 900 dollars (about 104,000 yen) It will be done. ' This report is followed by the companies 'to mount a dual 8K display' the expected, such as the one after another, 'equipped with the state-of-the-art eye tracking technology'

has Uchitate . 'If you can see this headset at WWDC in 2022,' Garman said, but he also said that the actual product launch would be in 2023.

In addition, Garman said that the next-generation monitor, which will be sold at half the price of the external monitor 'Pro Display XDR ', and 'iOS 16' and 'macOS 13' will be announced within 2022 as well.

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