Microsoft points out that it has broken its promise to 'provide an update to Android 11 by the end of 2021' for the folding smartphone Surface Duo

For the two-screen folding smartphone '

Surface Duo ' that appeared in October 2019, Microsoft officially commented that 'we will provide an update to Android 11 by the end of 2021', but this will be realized. It wasn't, Windows Central reports.

Microsoft fails to deliver Android 11 for Surface Duo before the end of 2021 | Windows Central

In September 2021, Microsoft announced the 'Surface Duo 2', the next-generation model of the Surface Duo. At that time, a Microsoft spokeswoman told The Verge, an international media company, 'We are continuing to provide updates for Surface Duo and are working to bring Android 11 to existing customers by the end of 2021. I'm here. '

However, even in 2022, Surface Duo does not support major OS updates. On the contrary, Windows Central points out that Surface Duo has not received any updates, including bug fixes, since July 2021. The exact reason is unknown, but Windows Central states that it is 'probably focused on upgrading to Android 11.'

In addition, Windows Central said, 'Given that the Surface Duo is equipped with Android 10, the current situation where it has been left unattended for more than half a year without bug fixes is frankly unacceptable. The Surface Duo is very buggy. Released in a state, Microsoft has been working on bugs and fixing issues throughout the first half of 2021, but Surface Duo is still buggy. '

He went on to point out that if the Surface Duo supports the update to Android 11, it will receive as many fixes as the Surface Duo 2 in terms of stability and functionality. In fact, Windows Central noted that many Surface Duo users are looking forward to updating to Android 11 for the above reasons.

Windows Central points out that 'Microsoft has a problem' that Surface Duo is not compatible with the update to Android 11. Windows Central said, 'If the Surface Duo was a Samsung, Google or Apple product, these companies must have done their best to fix the product within the first few months of its launch, and improvements. It would have guaranteed the customer that the fix was in progress. ' On the other hand, Microsoft has not voluntarily announced the update of Surface Duo to Android 11, and finally commented that 'we will update by the end of 2021' in response to inquiries from the media. 'This is unacceptable, and given Microsoft's terrible track record in the smartphone space, it's really unbelievable to take such a bold move,' Windows Central said. ..

At the time of the release of Surface Duo's next-generation model 'Surface Duo 2' released on October 21, 2021, some media said, 'Microsoft cannot trust software updates. Android 12 has just been released. Android 11 is not available on Surface Duo even at the time of writing the article. '

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Microsoft should continue to announce the new release time and clearly explain why the delivery time is delayed when it turns out that the update to Android 11 cannot be delivered to the Surface Duo at the end of 2021. ..

In addition, Windows Central 'loves the Surface Duo as a concept very much. I sincerely believe that dual screens are a viable option to increase the productivity of mobile devices. But Microsoft makes the Surface Duo people. It's getting harder and harder to recommend to. '' If Microsoft continues to do this, it's clear that the Surface Duo will eventually fail. The Surface Duo 2 is in a much better condition than the Surface Duo. Released in. This may mean that the next model will be released in better condition, but Microsoft will regularly update Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 with new features, bug fixes, etc. throughout 2022. We need to show our existing customers that we will continue to provide appropriate support by continuing to provide it to our users. '

According to information obtained by Windows Central from its own source, the update to Android 11 for Surface Duo will be released soon, and hopefully it will be delivered within a few weeks.

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