Waymo and Volvo Cars parent company announce 'self-driving car without handle' for ride sharing service

Waymo, a self-driving company under the umbrella of Alphabet, has announced a self-driving car for a handleless ride-sharing service that integrates the company's self-driving system with the vehicles of Chinese car giant Zhejiang Giri Holding Group. Geely Holding Group is known as the parent company of the automobile manufacturer Geely Automobile and the Swedish-based Volvo Cars.

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The newly announced vehicle is equipped with Waymo's autonomous driving system ' Waymo Driver ' on a dedicated model of Geely Automobile's 'Zeekr'. The base Zeekr is a model specially designed for fully electric drive and service vehicles that Geely Automobile specially designed in Sweden with an emphasis on mobility, and its biggest feature is that it has no steering wheel.

In addition, it has flat floors and adjustable seats, and Waymo says, 'Passenger comfort, convenience, and taste are prioritized.'

Waymo is expected to integrate the Waymo Driver into this special Zeekr over the next few years. The idea is that Waymo will be a vehicle that adheres to the federal vehicle standards of the United States, secures sufficient space around the head and legs, and has a screen and a charger within reach. 'We plan to introduce it in the United States within a few years,' he said.

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