'We will have all employees, including white-collar workers, do work such as delivery,' the delivery service announced and criticized from within the company

From 2020 to 2021, demand for food delivery services increased around the world due to an increase in remote work associated with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and a move to refrain from eating out.

Meanwhile, DoorDash, a food delivery service that has expanded into Japan since June 2021, said, 'We will do delivery and customer support once a month for all employees including software engineers and CEOs. We will make it mandatory, 'and white-collar employees have criticized it.

Should DoorDash Executives And White-Collar Employees Be Required To Make Food Deliveries To Customers?

DoorDash will require all employees to deliver goods or perform other gigs, and some of them aren't happy --MarketWatch

DoorDash December 23 days, for all white-collar employees, including the CEO and executives, a program called in response to orders from customers requiring to perform such delivery 'WeDash' in the actual field, from 2022 Announced that it will be implemented. DoorDash has been implementing WeDash since its inception, but it has been suspended due to the pandemic of COVID-19, and this will be the first revival in about two years.

The program, which will start in 2022, adds a variety of jobs that employees can choose from. According to a DoorDash spokesperson, employees will support WeDash, which delivers from retailers to customers, WeSupport, which provides customer service for customer inquiries, and retailers who register with DoorDash. It seems that you can select the work to be done from 'We Merchant'.

DoorDash allows white-collar employees to experience on-site work using in-house services to 'improve their ability to better understand their customers and discover and deal with work obstacles and biases.' Deepen your knowledge of products and logistics infrastructure that are important to DoorDash's business. ”“ Be humble and in close contact with customers, delivery staff, and retailers. ”“ DoorDash gives the community You can expect the effect of 'feeling the impact and being proud of your business.'

'The more empathetic leaders and managers are, the better the business world will be. CEOs are customers at warehouses, fulfillment centers and restaurants,' said Jack Kelly, a contributor to Forbes, an American economic magazine. If you really know what service food delivery looks like, you'll have a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges your employees are enduring. ”“ Technical engineers and other high-paying professionals can tell the system to deliverers. It helps to understand what it looks like. They will understand the challenges faced by delivery personnel. '

Kelly is generally white-collar by experiencing the process of receiving food in a crowded restaurant, where employees who normally work in the office or remotely, and riding a car or bicycle to bring the food to the bottom of the customer. He argues that he will gain insight and sympathy for the work done by lower-paying hourly workers than workers. 'By seeing what happens in the real world, white-collar employees may use that experience to help deliverers in their work,' he said.

However, many employees have criticized the thread about WeDash in Blind, an anonymous interaction app used by DoorDash employees. One employee accused DoorDash of saying, 'I haven't signed (about WeDash's business). There was nothing in the employment contract or business description,' and said, 'Is it true or vandalism?' I don't even know. Employees who strongly refuse to accept it if it's true, or 'I respect the deliveryman and give me a tip whenever I place an order.' But I understand that it's a job that puts me at physical risk, such as an accident. That's why I don't work as a deliveryman. '

He added, 'If you become a deliveryman, you may be carjacked or shot and you may literally die. When this happens, the bereaved family wins for DoorDash for $ 1 billion in compensation. I would love to see that, and no company would ever have such a stupid idea again. '

On the other hand, there are also comments from employees who sympathize with and agree with WeDash's philosophy. One employee said, 'I'm young, healthy, and the risk of COVID-19 seems low. There's no reason not to help deliver food and goods to people who stay home. The money is negligible, but it's 'I have good feelings to make up for,' he said. 'I think it's good to have empathy for customers, delivery staff, and restaurants. It would be great if delivery staff could deliver in pairs with engineers and product managers.' It's an opportunity to learn from each other. What's wrong? ”Some employees write.

“A great customer-centric push of great leaders can help all employees understand the process directly and increase turnover for employees who only think about salaries, not the company's mission. It's ridiculous to have sarcastic comments from employees who disagree with 'ta' and 'many people are humorous about experiencing their products as end users. Sit down and be humble. Silicon Valley is class discrimination and eliteism. It's too strong, and it's a terrible place to be obsessed with profaneness and status. I'm wondering, 'What if someone sees me delivering food in Tesla like a poor Mexican?' The entire thread is a self-parody of the entire Silicon Valley. I can't believe it, 'he also posted a comment blaming his opponents.

According to DoorDash, the money earned by employees through the WeDash program will be donated to charity.

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