After disassembling the new corona inspection kit, an ARM chip came out and it turned out that it was a high-tech product beyond imagination

Foone , a programmer working on hardware and software reverse engineering , disassembled the 'COVID-19 Home Test ', a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) test kit that can be used at home, and found it inside. It became clear that an Arm chip was embedded, and it turned out to be more high-tech than I had imagined.

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The 'COVID-19 Home Test' made by Ellume, which allows you to perform COVID-19 inspection at home, is an inspection kit with a simple structure that does not have a display etc. on the main body and has only one button. The test results are designed to be sent to a smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

It looks like this and is very simple. On the right is a gray circular button, and when you place a sample in the dent on the right, the light flashes and the inspection is performed.

The product name and FCC ID are printed on the back.

When the housing is disassembled, it contains a printed circuit board, moisture-proof material, and button batteries, and 'the contents are very similar to a pregnancy test kit,' Foone said.

When the black case on the printed circuit board is disassembled, there is an inspection sheet inside ...

You can see that a lens etc. is mounted under it.

The photo below shows this lens taken closer.

Furthermore, according to the printed circuit board, 'you can see a few LEDs and two optical sensors.'

The back side of the printed circuit board is as follows. 'BT Analyzer PCB --Stanley v3.0' 'M1000169' and what seems to be the name of the board are also written.

Other things that can be confirmed on the board are 'ELMBTC15 080 11053' and ...

Black antenna on a black board

Nordic Semiconductor's SoC ' nRF52810 ' etc. The nRF52810 has an Arm Cortex-M4 running at 64MHz, 192KB of flash storage, 24KB of memory (RAM), and a 2.4GHz Bluetooth LE- enabled transceiver.

The nRF52810 operates at 1.6 to 3.6V and has a built-in 12-bit A / D converter. In addition, the product outline of nRF52810 states 'disposable medical sensor' as a recommended application.

According to DigiKey Electronics , the nRF52810 costs $ 3.85 (about 440 yen) individually, but if you buy 1000 or more in bulk, the unit price per piece will drop to $ 1.925 (about 220 yen). The COVID-19 Home Test is sold at Wal-Mart for $ 26.1 (about 3000 yen).

In addition, Mr. Foone has succeeded in playing DOOM on the pregnancy test kit in the past, but nRF52810 has insufficient memory to play DOOM. However, the nRF52810 has two interfaces, SPI and I2C, as well as Nordic Semiconductor's unique programmable peripheral interconnect bus, so adding memory is 'definitely possible'.

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