'Pokémon DP Sound Library' that you can watch and download 149 BGM songs of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for free is released

The official Pokemon site 'Pokémon DP Sound Library ' has been released, where

you can watch all 149 songs such as BGM used in 'Pokemon Diamond and Pearl ' for free and use the sound source data in personal videos and music. rice field.

Pokémon DP Sound Library

Go to Pokémon DP Sound Library and click 'Play'.

Then, the following screen will be displayed. BGM is played randomly on this screen as well, but if you want to specify the music to play, click 'MUSIC BOX'.

In 'MUSIC BOX', not only 149 songs are displayed in a list, but also the categories of 'event', 'music box', 'town', 'facility', 'famous place', 'battle', 'enemy organization', and 'person' are displayed in the red frame. You can also click this to search for songs by category.

Click the monster ball icon next to the song ...

It will be added to 'Mochi song' at the bottom of the screen. Up to 6 songs can be stocked in Mochi songs, which seems to match the number of Pokemon on hand that players can carry with Pokemon.

The following icons at the bottom of the monster ball icon are ...

It was a share button. You can share on Facebook, LINE, and Twitter from the official share button.

If you want to download music data and sheet music, click 'DOWNLOAD' on the top page.

Then, the guideline regarding the music data will be displayed. The available examples are as follows.

◆ Create video and audio using the sound source of this site and post it to websites and SNS including various distribution sites.
・ Use as BGM and sound effects for videos and post them on video distribution sites and SNS
・ Post the played video to a video distribution site or SNS
・ Use as BGM for dance, drama, comics, etc., and post the video on video distribution sites and SNS.
・ Create music works and post them on music distribution sites and SNS
・ Use as BGM or sound effects for your own site

◆ Use / play as BGM at events and performances
・ Use as BGM at local events
・ Used as BGM for performances such as dance, drama, and comics
・ Perform at recitals and competitions
・ Used as admission BGM for sports games
・ Used in weddings, brides and grooms, attendees, etc.
・ Perform at a concert held without generating profits

In addition, when posting the created video / audio to various distribution sites, posting to the distribution site where the viewer must pay a fee to watch the full version of the work is not permitted. Specific examples include 'sites where you need to purchase data and viewing rights to watch video and audio', 'sites where registration fees are required to use the service itself', and 'basically free, but one of the works'. Sites where the range of free use is limited, such as only the part can be viewed, the time and number of times the work can be viewed is limited, etc. '' Basically free, but there are works that can only be viewed by those who have paid an additional fee. Sites (posting is possible as long as the viewer can basically watch it for free) 'and so on.

In addition, as a general rule, it is not permitted to use the sound source data of 'Pokémon DP Sound Library' for commercial purposes (revenue is generated), but distribution that does not correspond to the above 'distribution site that can not post' If it is a site and the revenue is based on the functions officially provided by various distribution sites, it is exceptionally permitted to generate and receive revenue.

Scroll down the guideline page to the bottom and click 'DOWNLOAD PAGE'.

Then the terms of use will be displayed, so read to the bottom and agree to the terms of use.

Now you can download the music data.

You can also download the scores for the three songs '201 Bandoro (Day)', 'Battle! Wild Pokemon', and 'Mizuumi'.

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