'Necklace that protects the body from 5G' was a radioactive substance

A study by the

Dutch Nuclear Radiation Protection Agency (ANVS) found that the pendant, which was claimed to 'protect the body from 5G radio waves, ' contained radioactive material. In addition, radioactive substances have been detected in 'negative ion bracelets', etc., and it has been pointed out that they may have an adverse effect on health.

Heeft u een'Quantum Pendant' (anti-5G) hanger of'negatief ionen' sieraad of slaapmasker? Leg deze veilig weg | Nieuwsbericht | Autoriteit NVS
https://www.autoriteitnvs.nl/actueel/nieuws/2021/12/16/heeft-u-een-quantum-pendant-anti-5g-hanger-of-negatief-ionen-sieraad-of-slaapmasker-leg- deze-veilig-weg

At the time of writing the article, 5G, which realizes high-speed and low-latency communication, has started commercial services in various countries around the world, including Japan, but hoaxes such as '5G is spreading the new coronavirus ' are also spreading. '5G countermeasure goods' are also popular all over the world. In fact, if you search for '5G countermeasure goods' on Amazon.co.jp, you will find many products, some of which are labeled 'Amazon's Choice'.

Meanwhile, ANVS reported that radioactive substances were detected in 10 types of products, including 5G countermeasure pendants and negative ion bracelets. Below are the pendants found to contain radioactive material by ANVS research. Sold under the product name 'Quantum Pendant,' this pendant contained an amount of radioactive material that could be harmful to your health if worn for extended periods of time.

Amazon.co.jp even products that are considered the same as the pendant is

the exhibition are, 'to reduce the familiar electromagnetic waves as much as possible, please use this anti-electromagnetic wave pendant' in the product description field has been marked ..

In addition to pendants, radioactive substances exceeding the standard value have been detected in various products. For example, the following bracelets in which radioactive substances were detected were sold as 'negative ion bracelets for children'.

ANVS says, 'Radiation can damage tissues and DNA. The amount of radiation detected in the tested products is small, but if these products are worn continuously for a long period of time, the radiation in the Netherlands It may exceed the exposure limit, 'he said, calling for the discontinuation of the product to avoid the risk of health hazards.

International organizations such as the World Health Organization and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection continue to verify the risk of health hazards caused by radio waves, including 5G, and continuously formulate guidelines on the use of radio waves. In Japan, the same regulation value as the international guideline is set, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said, 'This regulation value is the same as the international guideline, and at present, the adverse effect on health due to radio waves at a level lower than this. There is no clear scientific evidence for this. '

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