Pornhub releases '2021 Access Statistics', Words that symbolize 2021 are 'Hentai', 'Fitness', 'Transgender', etc.

Pornhub, one of the world's largest porn movie sites, has released '2021 Access Statistics' that summarizes keywords that symbolize the year, search words that have been searched the most, and trends by country. 'Hentai', 'Fitness', 'Transgender', etc. were selected as keywords that symbolize 2021, and 'Hentai', 'Japanese', and 'Lesbian' competed for the top of the search words, and the Tokyo Olympics were held. It has been reported that the number of searches for 'athletes' has increased sharply in Japan.

2021 Year in Review – Pornhub Insights

The 'Top 10 Search Words that Symbolize 2021' selected by Pornhub are as follows. The first place was 'Hentai', which is mainly used to search for adult animation and movies made with 3D models. 'Hentai' has become the most searched word in the United States, which has the most viewers on Pornhub, and has become one of the top 10 searches in almost all countries, making it a symbolic search word for 2021. .. Dr. Laurie Betito, director of Pornhub's sexual wellness center , speculates that 'hentai' is more fantastic and exciting than regular pornography, and that it's not constrained by reality or that it's popular because of its storylines. ..

In addition, 'Romance' is ranked in 2nd place and 'Group Sex' is ranked in 3rd place, and users are exploring passion, connection with people, and novelty in sexual life even in pornography. You can see that there is. In addition, 'Fitness', which showed an increase in the number of searches while recovering from the blockade of the city due to the pandemic, is ranked in 4th place, and the number of searches reflects the interest in LGBT. The surge of 'Transgender' is in 7th place. 'How to ...' is ranked in 10th place, 'how to squirt', 'how to eat pussy' and 'how to put on'. People are looking for lectures on Pornhub to enrich their sexual life, such as 'a condom' and 'how to make a dildo'.

Also, this is the 'word ranking most searched in 2021' on Pornhub. 'Hentai' won the 1st place in the 'Search word that symbolizes 2021' ranking, but 'japanese (Japanese)' is in the 2nd place by a small margin. The third place was 'lesbian'. These three words are far behind the 4th place and below, but the 4th place 'milf' and the 5th place 'pinay (Filipino female)' are also very popular. Also, in 2021, 'teacher' has risen by 14 year-on-year, but this is ' Math old master Zhang Xu ' who uploads a serious math commentary video that does not contain any erotic elements even though it is Pornhub. Is cited as one of the reasons why it became a hot topic.

You can find out more about Pornhub's 'Math Master Zhang Asahi', which has become a hot topic in the world, by reading the following article.

'Mathematics old teacher' who publishes videos without erotic on Pornhub, annual profit of 30 million yen or more in paid courses --GIGAZINE

The 'most searched pornstars' are listed below, with Lana Rhoades, who has been the undisputed number one in recent years. The most searched male was Jordi El Nino Polla in 8th place, and Violet Myers has made a leap by 102 year-on-year.

Looking at the traffic statistics by country, the United States, which ranks first, is far behind the second place, the United Kingdom is second, Japan is third, France is fourth, and Italy is fifth. In addition, Colombia, which has risen eight places year-on-year, and Chile, which has risen five places, are newly in the top 20.

This is a diagram showing the categories with the highest number of views by country. It seems that 'Japanese' are gaining popularity in East Asia and Southeast Asia including Japan, South Korea, and China, and 'Hentai' is popular in Russia, Brazil, and Chile. In addition, 'Lesbians' have gained popularity in Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, and Australia, 'Ebony' is popular in the United States and African countries, and 'Anal' is also popular in many countries. You can also see that it has been done.

Looking at the popular search words in Japan, the most popular search word is 'Japanese', and the second and lower ranks are 'amateur', 'hentai', 'masturbation', 'married woman', 'uncensored', 'massage', and 'animation'. Followed by 'mature woman'. Also, in the search ranking of porn stars, Russian actress

Eva Elfie was ranked first, and the top Japanese was JULIA, which was ranked second. In addition, 'athletes', which increased by 491% from the previous year, are shining at the top of the words whose search surged in 2021, suggesting the influence of the Tokyo Olympics, which attracted the attention of many athletes.

The user age statistics are as follows: 18-24 years old 25%, 25-34 years old 26%, 35-44 years old 21%, 45-54 years old 12%, 55-64 years old 9 %, And there are 7% of older age groups. The average age of users was 37 years old.

In addition, the percentage of female visitors to Pornhub in 2021 increased by 1 percentage point from the previous year to 35%. Especially in the Philippines, where there are many female users, 52% are female, over males, and in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Ukraine, more than 40% are female. In Japan, 29% of users are female.

The following shows the popularity of the viewing category by gender. Men are popular with 'Japanese,' 'mature women,' 'black,' and 'hentai,' while females are 'lesbian,' 'Japanese,' 'mature,' and 'threesome.' (3 players / 3P) ”is gaining popularity.

Of the 2021 Pornhub users, 83% watched on smartphones, 14% on PCs, and 3% on tablets.

In addition, there were many users who watched Pornhub from game consoles such as Play Station and Xbox.

In addition to this, Pornhub has released various statistical results, and the preferences and behaviors of users seeking adult movies in 2021 were analyzed in detail.

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