Amazon warehouse collapses in tornado that hit Illinois, killing at least 6 people

A tornado broke out on the night of December 10, 2021, local time, causing damage to six states, including Illinois and Kentucky. The Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois has been damaged by tearing the roof and reportedly killed at least six people.

Six dead, no hope of more survivors after tornadoes destroy Amazon warehouse | Reuters

Amazon warehouse collapse: At least one dead after'severe weather event' in Illinois

Recovery efforts begin after tornadoes rip through several states, killing dozens

6 victims in Amazon warehouse collapse identified-YouTube

According to the local fire department, a part of the warehouse, which is about the size of a soccer field, collapsed due to the influence of the tornado. At least 45 warehouse employees have escaped safely, but six have already been confirmed dead. It is said that there were about 110 employees in the warehouse at that time, and the authorities are rushing to confirm the safety.

In response to the report, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said on Twitter, 'The news in Edwardsville is tragic and it's heartbreaking to lose a colleague.'

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