More than 2 million videos revealed on YouTube as 'misidentified as copyright infringement'

YouTube has released a 'Copyright Transparency Report' on content copyright management. YouTube is the first to publish a copyright transparency report in 14 years since the service launched, and will update it every two years.

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YouTube reveals millions of videos get hit with incorrect copyright claims --The Verge

On YouTube, 'Content ID ' that automatically detects the match with the pre-registered content material, 'Delete request web form ' that the rights owner can send a deletion request, and whether it matches with other videos on YouTube Copyright management is performed by three main tools called 'copyright match tool ' that automatically detects.

According to YouTube, 99.08%, or 722,569,502 allegations of copyright infringement, were filed through Content ID in the first half of 2021. In addition, the number of complaints made by the deletion request web form was 0.39% (2,878,611 cases) for corporations, 0.30% (2,183,018 cases) for individuals, and 0.23% (1,676,292 cases) for copyright match tools. bottom.

Content contributors can file an objection if a copyright infringement claim is filed against the content. According to YouTube, of the content ID detections, only 0.5% of content contributors filed objections at 3,698,019.

In addition, YouTube reports that 2,219,794, or 60% of the more than 3.69 million complaints filed, were found to have been challenged by content uploaders who dissatisfied with the alleged copyright infringement.

'There is no perfect system in the world, even if there is a system to prevent abuse of the piracy alleged system,' YouTube said in a report. 'YouTube is looking at improvements to get the right balance between copyright holders and creators,' said Susan Wojckey, CEO of YouTube.

The Verge, an IT news site, said, 'The misjudgment of copyright infringement is by no means large, but YouTube creators lose income if they are unjustly cracked down on how YouTube handles copyright infringement. I've been frustrated for a long time, 'he said, pointing out that the copyright transparency report embodies 'the problem that YouTube itself recognizes the need to update its copyright management system.' I am.

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