Headline News on December 7, 2021

On December 7, 2021, the 3rd station of the 11th Ricoh Cup Women's Championship 5th Match was held at Motoyu Jinya in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Kana Satomi's four crowns won the Nishiyama Tomoka Women's Championship. .. As a result, the Satomi Women's Four Crowns, who have already won two wins, won the Women's Championship. It's been 5 terms in total, and I got the qualification of the first 'Queen Championship'.

The Satomi Women's Four Crowns hold the titles of Women's Master, Women's Throne, Women's King, and Kurashiki Fujihana, and now they are Women's Five Crowns. On the other hand, the defeated Nishiyama Queen's throne will retreat to the double crown of Hakurei and Queen.

This was the 26th match between the two, and both were 13 wins and 13 losses.

The Satomi Women's Triple Crown will be challenged by Sae Ito's Triple Crown at the 48th Okada Museum Cup Women's Masters Match, which will be held from January 2022.

Tomoka Nishiyama Women's Championship VS Kana Satomi Women's Four Crowns 11th Ricoh Cup Women's Championship 5th Match 3rd Station | Shogi News | Japan Shogi Association

December 7, 2021 Fifth Match 3rd Bureau Tomoka Nishiyama Women's Championship vs Kana Satomi Women's Four Crowns | 11th Ricoh Cup Women's Championship

In the Ricoh Cup Women's Championship match, 360 ° video is being distributed by the spherical camera 'RICOH THETA ', and you can see the situation in the archive distribution even after the game is over.

[360 ° camera LIVE delivery] 11th Ricoh Cup Women's Championship 5th Match 3rd Station --YouTube

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