Research results suggest that dark matter is a substance that proliferates by changing other substances into dark matter.

Dark matter, which has the property of not being optically observable, has undergone various debates over its existence and origin. Regarding the mechanism of its generation, a new theory was proposed that 'dark matter changes ordinary matter into dark matter'.

Dark Matter from Exponential Growth --PhysRevLett.127.191802
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Dark matter may spawn more of itself from ordinary matter, like a cosmic ice-9 | Live Science

The theory advocated by Torsten Bringmann et al. Of the University of Oslo is that dark matter was born by annihilation of ordinary matter, and then dark matter caused annihilation of ordinary matter. The substance has increased exponentially.

In the model devised by Bringman et al., The amount of normal matter exceeded the amount of dark matter in the early days of the universe, but when a particle of dark matter comes into contact with another particle, it causes pair annihilation, and the existing model It is suggested that it has increased explosively compared to. Bringman et al. State that this model is also a solid explanation for the current ratio of dark matter to normal matter of 6: 1.

Regarding the fact that matter in the entire universe is not dark matter, co-author Joshua Ruderman said, 'This model seems to work only at very high temperatures. As the universe cools, the increase in dark matter increases. It will be calm and the amount will be constant. ' This model of exponential growth in dark matter is just one of many theories about dark matter, and Ruderman said, 'There are more questions than answers so far.' I am.

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