'Snow Manka' is a collection of more than 270 fantastic fantasies inspired by 'snow' that stimulates inspiration.

'World of Snow Flowers ', a collection of works by Keisui Yamazaki with the theme of 'snow' that colors winter, has been released on Amazon's Kindle store. A large volume of works, including about 270 works such as the snow world colored with hologram foil, can be read for free by Kindle Unlimited members at any time, and is free until 17:00 on December 1st to commemorate the release. We are running a campaign, so please take this opportunity to download it and get lost in the fantastic world.

Snow Flowers: World of Snow Flowers | Kindle Store | Amazon

The table of contents of the work collection looks like the image below. 'Snow Manka' 'Snow Scene' 'Snow Woman' ('Snow Woman' 'Snow and Fan') 'Snow Kannon' 'Snow Fan' ('Three-dimensional combination by fan' 'Collage by fan') 'Yukinko (' 'Yukinko from the sky' 'Yukinko no Mai' 'Snow Conco' 'Snowy pile' 'Yukinko no play' 'Snow and snow') '' Snow shrine maiden ('Snow begging dance' 'Snow begging' 'The shrine maiden') '' Snow planet '' Snow spirit (' Snow fairy '' Face and fan ')' 'White fox (' Face and fan '' White fox ')' 'Snow cat' and 11 subjects A total of 21 themes are listed, including detailed classifications. You can jump to each theme from the table of contents, so you can see it from where you are interested.

A fantastic 'snow kaleidoscope' that glitters like a kaleidoscope

Horizontal works can be viewed at full size by rotating the terminal sideways.

In addition, 'snow scenes' with the motif of landscapes colored by snow ...

'Snow fan' was shot and edited by devising a handmade fan. About the work of the fan In the 'Preface', 'The fan always intervenes in the common items of Japanese traditional culture.' 'The Japanese fan surface has a sophisticated angle and shape that is unparalleled in the world, and the fan. There are so many types of fans, 'says the author about its importance.

Also, in 'Snow Cat', fantasy cats shaped by a unique method are lined up.

You can see what the contents of this collection of works look like by looking at each official SNS account of the author. Since we have selected works that have not been recorded in this collection of works, you should be able to feel the overall atmosphere.

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It's a large volume collection of about 270 colorful works, so check it out from the Kindle Store.

Snow Flowers: World of Snow Flowers | Kindle Store | Amazon

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