What is the workaround for an attack that reveals a vulnerability that allows you to obtain administrator privileges from the Windows installer?

It turned out that the installer for installing software on Windows is vulnerable to gaining administrator privileges. According to the discoverer, there is no fundamental solution other than waiting for Microsoft's patch. At the time of writing the article, attacks using the discovered vulnerabilities have already been confirmed, and sufficient caution is required.

GitHub --klinix5 / InstallerFileTakeOver


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Security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri discovered a vulnerability that could allow Windows administrator privileges. Naceri discovered a vulnerability related to the installer and reported it to Microsoft, which registered the vulnerability as 'Windows Installer Privilege Elevation Vulnerability (CVE-2021-41379)' on November 9, 2021. Did. Microsoft wrote about the threat of CVE-2021-41379, 'Attackers can only delete targeted files on the system. They do not have the privilege to view or modify the contents of the files.' It is unlikely that it will happen. ' CVE-2021-41379 should have been fixed in the security update released on November 10, 2021.

However, Naceri analyzed the fix by Microsoft and found that it wasn't fixed correctly. In addition, the threat of the vulnerability was more serious than Microsoft expected, revealing that an attacker could gain administrative privileges on Windows. Mr. Naceri has released a proof-of-concept code that enables acquisition of administrator privileges on GitHub, and in the

following movie , Bleeping Computer, a security-related media, actually acquired Windows administrator privileges using the proof-of-concept code. You can check the situation.

If you execute the proof-of-concept code 'InstallerFileTakeOver.exe' with only normal user privileges ...

I have acquired administrator privileges.

Naceri reports on Twitter that he tried to take action by changing Group Policy but failed. 'The best workaround at the time of writing this post is to wait for Microsoft to release a patch,' Naceri said in a post that published the proof-of-concept code.

'This vulnerability affects all versions of Microsoft Windows, including fully patched Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022,' Naceri said in an official blog from security company Cisco. It emphasizes the breadth of the impact of the vulnerabilities found. In addition, 'We have already detected malware that is trying to exploit this vulnerability,' revealing that the vulnerability in question has already been used in the attack.

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