Tesla car can not be unlocked due to server error, many people eat lockout

Tesla cars can be unlocked via the iPhone app, but on November 20, 2021, Tesla users around the world reported that they could not unlock the car via the iPhone app due to a 500 server error. rice field. Some Tesla cars can only be unlocked via the app, and some users have been locked out because the key fob (remote control key) is out of order.

Some Tesla owners unable to unlock cars due to server errors

On November 20, 2021, Cho Jae-hwan, who owns the Tesla Model 3, said, 'When I tried to connect to the Model 3 in Seoul, South Korea with an iOS app, it means that something went wrong with the web server.' 500 Server error 'confirmed. 'This seems to be a globally confirmed issue,' Jeffane tweeted to CEO Elon Musk. In response, Mask CEO replied, 'Confirming ...'.

A person living in Los Angeles reported a similar problem on Twitter. The text '500 Server Error' is in the upper left of the attached image, and 'iPhone --Disconnected' is displayed in the security item.

In the Tesla user forum 'Tesla Motors Club', there are multiple similar reports in the United States, South Korea, Australia, Europe, etc. The symptom of the problem for any user is that the car cannot be unlocked via the app.

App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect. | Tesla Motors Club

Some Tesla cars can be unlocked via Bluetooth on your smartphone or via a key fob, but some can only be unlocked via the iPhone app. In addition, there are reports that the car can no longer be used because some users could only unlock it via the iPhone app because the key fob they had had broken down.

A little over four hours after the problem occurred, CEO Musk announced that the server had stopped due to increased network traffic redundancy. In addition to the content that it will be restored soon, he reported that he will take measures to prevent the same situation from occurring in the future.

In addition, the specific reason and flow that caused the server to stop is unknown, and Bleeping Computer, a technology media, contacted Tesla, but there was no response.

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