Twitter introduced 'manual update of timeline' in the browser version so that tweets will not disappear without permission

On November 15, 2021 local time, the official Twitter account announced that it had 'introduced a fix for the problem of tweets disappearing in the browser version.' With the new changes, the timeline of Twitter for browsers will be changed from automatic update to manual update, and the timeline will not be updated against the user's intention.

Twitter stops auto-refreshing timelines so tweets won't disappear while you're still reading them --The Verge

Many Twitter users were dissatisfied with the problem that 'when the timeline is automatically updated, the tweet you are reading disappears.' Therefore, Twitter's official support account (@TwitterSupport) announced on September 23, 2021 that it will deal with this 'problem that the timeline is automatically updated and tweets disappear'.

Twitter announces that it will fix 'the problem that tweets that are being read disappear by updating the timeline' --GIGAZINE

On November 15th, less than two months after the announcement that it would be addressed, the official support account said, 'An update for the tweet disappearing issue has been released for the web! By clicking on the tweet counter bar at the top. You can now choose when to display new tweets on your timeline. '

When I opened the browser version of Twitter, the automatic update of the timeline was certainly stopped, and the timeline was not updated even if I returned after opening another app or tab. Instead, when a new tweet is posted on the timeline, the message bar 'Display ○ tweets' is displayed at the top, and the timeline is updated by clicking this message bar. ..

Already in iOS and Android apps, timeline updates require tapping the 'New Tweets' button at the top or tapping the home button.

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