70% of all users 'read news on Twitter', and most answered that they 'trust Twitter news to some extent'

The Pew Research Center , a think tank that specializes in analyzing people's awareness and opinions in the United States and the world, has announced the results of a survey on 'Twitter and News.' It is clear that 70% of the users who 'read news on Twitter' answered that they 'trust Twitter news to some extent'.

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Colleen McLean and colleagues at Pew Research Center reported new findings on the relationship between Twitter and news in the United States. From May 17th to 31st, 2021, McLean and colleagues conducted a survey of 2548 Twitter users and analyzed the results.

As a result, entertainment (42%) was ranked first as the purpose for subjects to use Twitter, and news was ranked second (20%). However, although news is not the main purpose of use, 69% of the subjects answered that they 'get information about news on Twitter.' 30% said they didn't get information about the news, and 1% said they didn't.

Of the 69% of subjects who answered that they 'get information about news on Twitter,' 70% answered that they 'watch news on Twitter for breaking news.'

Regarding the reliability of Twitter news, 7% are 'quite trust', 60% are 'somewhat trust', 29% are 'not so trust', and 3% are 'totally trust'. No. '

It has also been found that the user's 'supporting party' has a lot to do with the credibility of Twitter news. 74% of Democratic or Democratic users said they 'really trust' or 'somewhat trust', while only 52% of Republican supporters or Republican users. I did.

Also, the 'impact of Twitter on American politics' depends on the political party that supports it. For Democratic supporters, 47% said 'Twitter has a major positive impact on American democracy,' and only 28% said it 'mainly has a negative impact.' However, in the case of Republican supporters, 17% said they had a positive influence on the Lord, and 60% said they had a bad influence on the Lord.

According to the survey results released by Pew Research Center in May 2021, 23% of Americans use Twitter.

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