Spotify, Discord, etc. are temporarily unavailable due to the influence of Google Cloud down

On November 16, 2021, the music distribution service Spotify and the communication service Discord were temporarily suspended. It is reported that the cause was a network error of

Google Cloud , Google's cloud computing service.

Google Cloud Status Dashboard

Spotify, Discord, and others are coming back online after a brief Google Cloud outage --The Verge

At 10:10 Pacific Standard Time (November 17, 3:10 Japan time), Google Cloud said, 'There is a problem with the cloud network and you may get a 404 error when accessing a web page. I have sex. '

One hour and 58 minutes after the first report, Google Cloud reported a solution. 'The cloud network issue has been resolved in all affected projects. We will publish an analysis of this incident as soon as the internal investigation is complete.'

If you check Downdetector, a tracker site that summarizes service failure reports from users, you can see that problems occurred at the same time on Spotify, Etsy on the online market, Pokemon GO on smartphone games, and so on. The Verge, a foreign media outlet that addressed this issue, said, 'Provider services help deliver large amounts of content, but if something goes wrong, many services go down at once.'

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