Operate NES's masterpiece boxing game 'Mike Tyson Punch Out !!' while moving your body in reality

'Mike Tyson Punch Out !! ' is a boxing action game released by Nintendo for NES in the 1980s.

Ian Charnas , an engineer YouTuber, has developed a system that 'you can play by really punching out in front of the camera' with Mike Tyson Punch Out !!, which is originally played with the cross key and the A and B buttons.

I Put Myself INSIDE A Video Game! --YouTube

'Punch Out !!' is an arcade game originally developed by Nintendo in 1983, and the Family Computer version is only for prizes distributed at official events. In general the sold, won the WBC World Heavyweight Championship in the youngest Mike Tyson has become to have collaborated with 'Mike Tyson Punch Out !!'.

However, the basic content is the same, only Mike Tyson appears in Las Boss. It is a simple action of hitting a punch while dodging or guarding the opponent's attack, but as the stage progresses, severe timing is required to pierce the opponent's gap and screw in the punch.

Mr. Charnas aims to punch out by linking the actual body movements in the game, such as when you actually swing the punch in front of the camera, the main character Little Mac also swings the punch. It is a 'play' system.

Like in the world of advanced CG animation and movies, in the past it was not possible to trace movements without shooting a human in a suit with a tracker all over the body with a dedicated camera ...

Advances in machine learning technology have made it easier to extract body movements from video. This time, Mr. Charnas decided to use MoveNet of Tensorflow.js to extract human movements taken with a webcam in real time.

And in order to play Mike Tyson PunchOut !!, first on the board of the overseas version family computer Nintendo Entertainment Sytem (NES) ...


a USB Copy NES to extract and rewrite game data.

Now you can edit and copy the data of the cartridge inserted in the family computer via USB.

Insert the cartridge of Mike Tyson Punch Out !! into NES ...

Copy the data in the cartridge to your PC.

This time, in order to be able to play with the browser, run Mike Tyson Punch Out !! on the emulator instead of the actual machine.

Compile the emulator into JavaScript with


It seemed that Mike Tyson Punch Out !! could be played on the browser with this, but the punch performed on the screen was slightly delayed from the actual punch for input, causing a gap. The problem occurred.

Mr. Charnas searched the binary code of the game for a place where the timing of the enemy's movement could be adjusted by reverse engineering, and adjusted everything manually.

This manual adjustment is a surprisingly daunting task, and if you make a slight mistake in the editing location, you may get an error and the game may stop. However, Mr. Charnas seems to have corrected the timing of all bosses.

By the way, Piston Honda's message has also been changed to the line 'Register Ian Charnas' YouTube channel now !!!'.

Charnas also developed a gadget that feeds back damage to the player.

The mechanism is simple, and a small electric shock device that children use for mischief ...

It is controlled by Arduino so that it will carry current when it is damaged.

It is OK if it is built in the band wrapped around the arm and a metal foil that serves as an electrode is attached to the inside.

Mr. Charnas who gathers friends and plays at once.

When you swing up your left arm, Little Mac on the screen is also punching left.

By twisting your body, you can avoid the opponent's punches.

Glassjaw, who is the opponent of the first match, creates a gap when he avoids a big punch, so he hits the punch aiming at that.

Mr. Charnas is excited to see Glassjaw sinking in the corner.

Next, Mr. Charnas will challenge by wrapping an electric shock band for damage feedback.

Mr. Charnas shouts 'Ah!' And 'Chikusho!' When he receives damage from von Kaiser in the second race.

The electric current is fluttering in his arms, so Mr. Charnas involuntarily twists his body and frowns.

Mr. Charnas's friend also wears an electric shock band and plays, but after all he screams when damaged. Moreover, it seems that there was a vicious cycle in which the body was twisted or stiffened when damaged, making it even more difficult to avoid the opponent's attack.

In addition, Mike Tyson Punch Out !! developed by Mr. Charnas is

open to the public for free, but the number of people who can play at the same time is fixed. Mr. Charnas, who purchased a large amount of Mike Tyson PunchOut !!, has set it so that he can play only as many cartridges as he owns at the same time, and if the number of people exceeds the specified number, a license is required to play. And that. If you are interested, please check it at your own risk.

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