Hacker declares that he has obtained the PS5 root key

PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a very popular game machine that has been difficult to obtain from its appearance in 2020 to the time of article creation. Many hackers have tried to hack such PS5, and on November 8, 2021, hackers who said that they 'successfully hacked the system' appeared one after another.

PS5 Kernel Exploit? TheFloW showcases Debug Settings menu on retail console, no plan to release. --Wololo.net

PS5 Exploit: Fail0verflow show decrypted PS5 firmware files (they already have the PS5 keys ???) --Wololo.net

Andy Nguyen, a hacker named ' theflow0', has posted a screenshot of his Twitter account with 'Debug Settings', a setting that isn't visible on a regular PS5.

According to the hacking news site Wololo.net , the debug setting itself is a setting item prepared for PS5 for testing, and it is not possible to perform cheating such as 'launching an unauthenticated game' from the debug setting. There is no such thing. However, Wololo.net said, 'The debug settings shown in the PS5 screenshots sold to consumers indicate that Nguyen has arbitrary write access to the PS5. This means that Nguyen is likely to have exploited a vulnerability in the PS5 kernel or gained full control of the PS5 in a more powerful way, 'said Nguyen on the PS5 system. It points out the possibility of successful intrusion.

Immediately after the tweet above, Nguyen has stated that he has no plans to publish hacking techniques. Also, since Nguyen has participated in the PlayStation bug reporting program in the past, Wololo.net speculates that this hacking technique is also likely to be reported to Sony.

Then, about nine hours after Nguyen's successful access to the debug settings, the hacker group fail0verflow released a screenshot of what appears to be a 'decrypted PS5 firmware file.'

Then fail0verflow said, 'I got all the PS5 root keys. They can all be obtained from the software.' He said that he succeeded in getting the PS5 root key only by the software approach without using any special hardware. Declared.

Regarding the PS5 root key acquisition by fail0verflow, Wololo.net shows that 'fail0verflow has a fairly large hack that can access the strictly protected part of the PS5 to extract the PS5 decryption key. May contain a serious hardware glitch. ' In addition, Wololo.net said, 'If more hackers can reproduce this hacking technique, the final decrypted firmware file will be in the hands of the hackers. It allows for firmware reverse engineering, from which you may discover ways to run custom firmware or homebrew software. '

At the time of writing the article, fail0verflow did not clarify whether or not there was a plan to disclose the hacking method, but fail0verflow said that it had waited for the release of the hacking method of PS4 until the correction by Sony in the past, so this time the hacking method is also released. Wololo.net points out that it can take some time.

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