Experimental results that Google suggests that '30W quick charge' is impossible for Pixel 6 series

Regarding the latest models of Google's Pixel series '

Pixel 6 ' and 'Pixel 6 Pro' that appeared on October 28, 2021, even if you use a 30W charger made by Google and a quick charging cable, the actual 'maximum 22W, average 13W' Only the charging speed comes out ', the experimental result was reported. However, because Google uses ambiguous expressions about the charging speed of Pixel 6, it is said that 'the notation about charging speed is misleading, but it can not be said that Google lied.'

Google Pixel 6 charging: Why it charges much slower than expected

Testing shows the Pixel 6 can't actually do 30 W quick charging | Ars Technica

The results of the Pixel 6 series fast charging survey were released by the Android Authority, which specializes in news about Android. The Android Authority actually used Google's official ' 30W USB-C Charger ' to quickly charge the Pixel 6 Pro from 0% to 100%. The result is below. The blue line shows the transition of the power actually supplied when the Pixel 6 Pro was quickly charged with the Google 30W USB-C charger, and the green line shows the remaining battery level ( % Notation) transition. Looking at the 'Power / Battery%' section, about 22W of power is supplied until the battery capacity reaches about 50%, but after that, the supply amount drops sharply and the battery capacity reaches 75%. By the time it exceeds, it will be 12W. It takes 46 minutes to charge the last 15%.

To dispel the suspicion that this is a problem on the charger side, the Android Authority uses the same Google 30W USB-C charger for Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 5, and up to 25W fast charging. We also conducted an experiment to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is said to be compatible. The result is below. Again, seeing the 'Power / Battery%' section, you can see that the Pixel 6 Pro has been defeated by the nominal 25W Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in terms of charging speed per battery level.

In addition, Pixel 6 Pro is used in this graph, but Android Authority says 'The result is the same with Pixel 6'.

From the above results, it is said that the Pixel 6 side is the cause for this case, but the Android Authority is Google's '18W USB Power Delivery' that was included in the previous generation Pixel and the aforementioned Google 30W USB-C charging An experiment to compare vessels is also conducted. As a result, it took 121 minutes to charge the Google Pixel 6 Pro from 0% to 100% with USB PD 18W, but it took 111 minutes with the Google 30W USB-C charger. If you have an old model, it's hardly worth buying a new one. '

Other than that, similar results were obtained with a charger such as the Anker Nano II Samsung 45W Travel Adapter , so the Android Authority concluded that 'Pixel 6's fast charging speed does not reach 30W.' , 'Google hasn't said that the Pixel 6 has a charging speed of 30W,' some point out. If you look at the 'Battery and Charging' section of the Pixel 6 spec sheet, you can find out about 'quick charging-up to 50% charging in about 30 minutes-USB-PD 3.0 (PPS) compatible Google 30W USB-C charger ( When using (sold separately) 'is written.

Google Pixel 6 Specs / Specifications-Google Store

In addition, a detailed note at the bottom of the page states, 'The speed of quick charging by wire is based on the use of a Google 30W USB-C charger connected to an outlet. It is compatible with the USB PD 3.0 PPS adapter. The actual speed may be slower. '

Regarding this notation, IT news site Ars Technica said, 'It's not an obvious lie, but Google's website has misleading expressions.' '50% charge in 30 minutes from actual experimental results. It was confirmed that it was possible to achieve this, but Google's marketing is completely honest in that it takes 81 minutes from 50% to 100%, which is much longer than you can imagine from the result of 50%. I can't say that. '

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