What is the impact of 'sugar-containing beverages' on children's academic achievement test results?

Sugar is one of the indispensable seasonings for cooking and is a fuel for human beings to generate energy. However, too much sugar can be harmful to your health, and studies have shown that excessive sugar intake, especially from an early age, can have a significant impact on learning and memory. Fritz Schildz, a researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Ruven Catholic University, has published the results of an experiment investigating the effects of sugar on children.

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'Sweet drinks at school have been demonstrated to have a long-term contribution to increasing obesity, but surprisingly, they are direct to sweet drinks at school,' Syltz said. There is little evidence of the impact. '

Siltz randomly divided 462 preschool children into two groups, one group receiving sugar-containing beverages and the other group receiving artificially sweetened beverages as a control group. The children then took a math test before ingesting and again took the math test 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes after ingesting the beverage.

As a result of the experiment, in the group that ingested the sugar-containing beverage, boys tended to be restless after getting a relaxing effect, and there was no significant effect on the behavior of girls. Also, in the case of boys, there was a negative effect on math grades 60 minutes after ingestion, and on the contrary, in the case of girls, a positive effect was seen in the test 45 minutes after ingestion.

'This is the first study to show extensive experimental evidence of the effects of sugared beverages on preschool children, and sugared beverages can be used to improve children's behavior and test performance. It clearly shows the causal relationship that gives. '

'Given that sugared beverages are widely sold in schools and that sugared beverages are consumed more by children and boys in low-income households,' said Christoph de Witte, co-author of the paper. , The impact on grades during class has great policy implications. '

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