Microsoft develops 3D platform 'Mesh for Teams' for virtual conferences

Microsoft has announced that it plans to release Mesh for Teams in 2022, which extends

the capabilities of the mixed reality (MR) platform Microsoft Mesh for the online conferencing tool Microsoft Teams.

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'Microsoft Mesh' is an MR platform announced in March 2021 that allows multiple users to share a virtual reality space.

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According to a Microsoft survey, online meetings such as those held by Microsoft Teams are convenient and can be attended anywhere, but many people feel that they lack the little things to build relationships and careers. matter.

Also, if you turn on the camera when attending an online meeting, it seems that you are actively participating, but it is difficult to use the fact that it is a choice between on and off, and many people are just most of the meeting, just There was also the problem that it would look like a still image.

As a solution to these problems, Microsoft offers 'Mesh for Teams,' which incorporates the capabilities of 'Microsoft Mesh' into 'Microsoft Teams,' making remote and hybrid meetings more collaborative and immersive. That is.

An example of an avatar used in 'Mesh for Teams' looks like this.

A meeting in an immersive space.

If you have a reason not to turn on video during an online meeting, you can join us with your avatar.

In addition, Microsoft describes Mesh for Teams as 'the entrance to the Metaverse', but news site Ars Technica said, 'What Microsoft says is far from the'Metaverse'that Mark Zuckerberg and others say.' 'It's Microsoft's first attempt to get into the hype of investors and the media over the concept of'Metaverse',' he said coldly.

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