'Safe Equipment Law' to completely eliminate Huawei and ZTE equipment from communication infrastructure is passed

The Secure Equipment Act has been passed by the US Parliament, which bans the acquisition of licenses for equipment deemed to threaten the security of national communications. With the enactment of this law, Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE equipment, which had been suspected of leaking communication contents, will be excluded from the US communication network.

Senators Markey and Rubio Hail Congressional Passage of “Secure Equipment Act”

House, Senate Pass Law Preventing Insecure Equipment in Domestic Telecom Infrastructure --Tech

Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FCC) in July and November 2020, 'over Huawei and ZTE two degrees of Chinese companiesthreat of national security to' specified was. In response, the US Congress has taken over 190 billion yen in budgetary measures to enact a bill to exclude both companies' products from their communications infrastructure.

A bill that contributes more than 190 billion yen to eliminate Huawei and ZTE is expected to pass the US Congress-GIGAZINE

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In 2020, the FCC enacted the 'Safe and Reliable Communications Network Act, ' which bans the introduction of national security-risk telecommunications equipment and encourages updates, which was newly purchased with government funding. Since the target was equipment, private companies and others could continue to use equipment made by Huawei and ZTE.

To close these loopholes in the law, the US House of Representatives issued a 'Safety Equipment Act' on October 20, 2021 that bans the issuance of new licenses to regulated companies with 420 votes vs. 4 Passed by a majority of votes. It was unanimously passed by the Senate on October 28th.

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Democratic Senator Edward J. Marquee, one of the bipartisan lawmakers who promoted the law, said, 'The bipartisan bill removes dangerous equipment from the U.S. communications network and is also for consumers. The aim is to ensure secure communications for the United States as well. I am proud to have led this effort and thank the members of both Congress for passing the bill. We will work with the Byden administration and the FCC to implement this important national security measure. ' Republican Senator Marco Rubio commented, 'Chinese state-owned enterprises like Huawei and ZTE should not exist in our telecommunications network as they are known as a national security threat.' Did.

The 'Safe Equipment Law' that has passed both parliaments is expected to be officially enacted in the future with the signature of President Joe Biden.

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