Is it due to the tightening of regulations of the Chinese authorities, which is announced that the service of the Chinese version of Fortnite will end?

It has been revealed that the Chinese version of the battle royale game 'Fort Knight ', which is gaining great popularity all over the world, will be shut down on November 15, 2021. The management team has not disclosed the reason for the server closure, but foreign media have pointed out that the tightening of regulations on games by Chinese authorities may have affected it.

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Fortnite has released a modified version of the game for China since April 2018, and has updated the service several times a month. According to a Wiki created by volunteers , the Chinese version of Fortnite 'users can not purchase in-game currency' 'in-game expressions such as skeletons have been changed according to Chinese regulations' 'after 20 minutes There are specifications unique to China such as 'All surviving players win' 'If you play 90 minutes on weekdays and 180 minutes or more on weekends, the experience points you can earn will decrease and a message urging you to study will be displayed' It was said that.

However, the Chinese version of Fortnite's management team suddenly stated that 'Fortnite's test was completed' on October 31, 2021, and suspended new registration on November 1, 2021, and on November 15, 2021. Announced to shut down the server.

The reason for the closure of the Chinese version of Fortnite's server has not been revealed, but game analyst Daniel Ahmad said, 'Fortnite has never been officially released in China. The game has been tested for over two years. This is because Fortnite was not approved by the Chinese government and could not be monetized by official release, 'said the server closure because it could not be monetized due to Chinese authorities' regulations. I point out.

In addition, CNET , a technology-related media, said in August 2021 that the Chinese state media said 'games are spiritual ahen', and a rule to limit children's online game play time to 3 hours a week has appeared. He points out that regulations by Chinese authorities may have affected Fortnite's server closure.

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