What is the result of the Korean intelligence agency analyzing the theory that 'Isn't Kim Jong-un, who was extremely disappointed, a shadow warrior?'

by Lee Ki Kasumi

The appearance of General Secretary Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, was clearly thin, and the theory that 'it may have been replaced by a shadow warrior' was whispered. However, a Korean intelligence agency that analyzes images and videos of Kim said, 'Kim lost 20 kg, and the shadow warrior theory is unfounded.'

Kim Jong Un Weight Loss Analysis Offers Hint He Wasn't Using Body Double --Bloomberg

Slimmer Kim Jong Un not a body double, spy agency says after AI analysis of images | National Post

The news that Kim Jong Un looks thin became a hot topic around July 2021. The photos below were taken in January 2021 on the left and October 2010 on the right, but the appearance has clearly changed.

It was whispered that it was a shadow warrior because the appearance changed drastically, but the National Intelligence Service, a new intelligence agency in South Korea, received the result of image analysis by AI and said that the shadow warrior theory was 'unfounded'. I denied it. According to Mr. Kim, who is the secretary of the National Intelligence Service, Mr. Masaon lost 20 kg from 140 kg in 2019, but no particular health problems have been observed. The NIS is using various AI-based technologies such as facial photo analysis, weight tracking model, and high-resolution video analysis to check Kim's health condition in detail.

Authorities also revealed that General Secretary Kim went public in 2021 on the 70th, an increase of 45% over the previous year. North Korea has closed its borders following the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), and is said to have suffered the greatest economic damage in the last 20 years. The food crisis is particularly serious, and Kim has instructed the authorities to 'collect as much food as possible.'

North Korea's main trading partner is China, but between January and September 2021, trade with China fell to one-third. South Korean parliamentarian Ha Tae-keung pointed out that Kim is leading the economy in the wrong direction, inflation is skyrocketing, and banknotes cannot be printed due to lack of ink and paper. bottom.

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