Facebook announces change of company name to 'Meta'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he changed the company name to 'Meta' at

'Connect 2021 ' held at 2:00 on October 29, 2021 Japan time. The new logo brings the shape of '∞', which means infinity, closer to the acronym M. Zuckerberg the CEO, 'We are from the image that the social media company metaverse fact migration and on to the company' and had been told will be the change of company name in order to street, the main business of the metaverse initiatives listed is Facebook from also serves as.

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It was already reported that Facebook was considering changing the company name.

Why is it reported that Facebook is considering changing the company name? --GIGAZINE

At the end of the keynote, 'I believe Metaverse will be the next stage of the Internet, and the company will take it to the next stage. Facebook has been thinking about'who are we?'' Zuckerberg said.

'We've focused on connecting people with technology,' says Facebook, which has provided apps and services such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus in addition to Facebook.

Zuckerberg said, 'The name Facebook is not completely exhaustive of the current company, it is closely tied to one service, Facebook,' and revealed that it will be renamed to 'Meta.' Did. 'We can unite and finally put people at the center of technology, and unite and unleash a huge creator economy. Over time, we We hope to be considered a metaverse company, 'commented Zuckerberg.

At the time of writing the article, the Twitter account '@meta' was already started, and the domain of 'meta.com ' was redirected to the Facebook welcome page.

The keynote speech by Zuckerberg, CEO of Connect 2021, can be viewed from the following, and the announcement of the company name change can be seen from around 1 hour and 13 minutes.

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