The trailer of 'Uncharted', a live-action movie of a popular game starring Tom Holland, has been released

The trailer for 'Uncharted, ' a live-action movie of the

popular action-adventure game Uncharted series, which has shipped more than 21 million units, has finally been released.

UNCHARTED --Official Trailer (HD) --YouTube

The trailer starts with a scene where the main characters Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland, and Sophia Ali (acting: Chloe Frazer) are exploring a place that seems to be an archaeological site.

'The location is not on the map.'

'It was erased, not nonexistent.'

What Nathan discovered ...

It was a map of something.

The scene changes, and it's a big city.

Nathan works as a bartender.

Victor Sullivan (act: Mark Wahlberg), also known as Sally, visited him.

'Why do you get the map from all this material?'

'It's a route that explorer Magellan went around the world.'

'It's one of the biggest treasures. Roughly $ 5 billion.'

Gold that can be thrown away

There is also a reference to Nathan's brother Sam, who appears in

'Uncharted Pirate King and the Last Hidden Treasure ,' saying 'I'm looking for an older brother.'

'Do you know Sam?'

The movie 'Uncharted' depicts Nathan embarking on his first adventure as an adventurer.

'If you reach the treasure, you should be able to meet him.'

The stage changes again ...

'Who are you?', Sofia appears, throwing a harsh word at Nathan.

'I'm Sally's friend.' 'He doesn't have any friends.'

Action scene in the city

'What is your aim?'

'I'm serious. I've been pursuing treasure with my family for a long time. At the risk of my life,' said rival Santiago (act: Antonio Banderas), who is aiming for treasure.

'Choosing a partner is important'

'Sam left a clue to reach this treasure.'

The scene changes again ...

Intense action takes place in the transport plane.

Nathan is thrown out with his luggage.

When Nathan wakes up ...

My leg got caught in my luggage and I had a close call.

The action is unfolded even in the air as it is.

In addition, there is a scene where a car is attacked in a transport plane.

How is Nathan's fate thrown into the sky?

'Uncharted' is scheduled to be released overseas on February 18, 2022, and in Japan in 2022.

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