Introducing the 'Mecha Kit' that can transform the latest model of Segway into an electric go-kart equipped with a water gun

Segway , famous for its electric standing motorcycles, has released the 'Mecha Kit ' that can transform the latest standing motorcycle ' Ninebot S ' series into an electric go-kart equipped with a water gun.

Segway's'Mecha Kit' turns your transporter into a rolling turret --The Verge

This is Mecha Kit. It is possible to fire a toy bullet made of water by operating with the joysticks on the left and right and pulling the trigger at hand.

Made of high-strength steel frame, it is designed to withstand impacts of up to 100 kg. In addition, it has a built-in surround system, which not only allows you to connect to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth to play music, but also supports the operator with a voice assistant.

As shown below, it is possible to install Segway's latest electric standing motorcycle Ninebot S series, and Mecha Kit alone can not run.

You can check how it is actually running on the Mecha Kit in the following movie.

Segway-Ninebot Mecha Kit-YouTube

The joystick has a built-in sensor to ensure safety, and even if it is knocked down when getting on and off, the main body will not start or fire a water gun.

The Mecha Kit seems to be effective in small turns, and shows zigzag running so as to fill the gaps between multiple cones.

Segway claims that the bullets it fires are eco-friendly, evaporating into powder and leaving no trace. The Mecha Kit comes with 60,000 toy bullets, but it is unclear at the time of writing the article whether this can be ordered separately.

It is also possible to produce effects with light and sound when firing bullets.

It can also be used by multiple people to play in a game format.

In addition, Mecha Kit can be remotely controlled from a smartphone using the mobile app for the Ninebot S series.

The Mecha Kit is priced at $ 499.99 on the official Segway store, and the Ninebot S is priced at $ 449.99.

Ninebot Mecha Kit

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