Microsoft reports resolution of AMD Ryzen processor performance degradation in Windows 11 in the next update

Microsoft released build 22000.282 for Windows 11 on the beta and release preview channels of the Windows Insider Program on October 16, 2021. This build 22000.282 is reported to have resolved one of the two issues that caused 'AMD Ryzen processor performance degradation in Windows 11'.

Releasing Windows 11 Build 22000.282 to Beta and Release Preview Channels | Windows Insider Blog

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This issue, reported by AMD and Microsoft, has two causes: ' L3 cache latency is up to tripled' and 'UEFI CPPC2 (preferred core feature), which allocates schedules to the fastest cores, does not work properly' So, it was said that the performance of the Ryzen processor would be reduced in Windows 11.

AMD announces that there is a problem that performance such as Ryzen deteriorates in Windows 11 environment --GIGAZINE

However, the first update to Windows 11 delivered on October 12, 2021 reported further increases in L3 cache latency, which proved to exacerbate the performance degradation.

'AMD CPU performance degradation problem in Windows 11' gets worse with update --GIGAZINE

Microsoft reported in build 22000.282 this time that 'upgrading to Windows 11 fixed an issue with the L3 cache that could affect the performance of some applications on devices with AMD Ryzen processors.' I am. This fix in build 22000.282 will be reflected in the Windows Update released on Wednesday, October 19, 2021. Another cause, UEFI CPPC2, is expected to be fixed by AMD's driver update, which will be released on October 21st.

In addition to the L3 cache related fixes, Microsoft has 'fixed the problem that the start menu does not work after upgrading to Windows 11 for some users', 'fixed the possibility of a stop error occurring at the beginning of startup', 'fixed' It reports that build 22000.282 also fixed 'fixes for interrupt handling of certain processors that could cause the device to stop responding' and 'fixes for the problem that PowerShell creates directories indefinitely'.

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