500 parents who want to quit a metal-loving principal sign a petition, and 20,000 sign a petition in support of the principal

It was reported that the principal of a public high school was asked to be dismissed because he loved

the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. However, in response, a petition was created stating that she was one of the best principals of all time, with more than 20,000 signatures.

Duelling petitions over Niagara school principal's'satanic' display | StCatharinesStandard.ca

Canadian principal Sharon Burns facing backlash over Iron Maiden fandom

Parents call for the removal of Iron Maiden-loving school principal for displays of 'satanic imagery'

Sharon Burns, principal of Eden Public High School in Canada, is a fan of Iron Maiden, a world-renowned hard rock and heavy metal band, and his Twitter account 'fuels metal, ska and chicken.' A person who professes. When Principal Burns posted on his Instagram a zombie doll, the mascot of Iron Maiden, and the number '666', he was strongly criticized by his parents.

The person on the right is Principal Burns.

'666' is a number that means devil in Christianity, but Iron Maiden treats it as the theme of the work and has been accused of being a 'devil worshiper'. Principal Burns has already deleted the Instagram post, but parents who saw the post said, 'All communities and schools are supported by kindness, fairness and oneness. It is clear that they will display the symbol of the devil. By denying these values, the school will be isolated and ridiculed. ' A petition was created, centered on some parents, calling for the dismissal of Principal Burns.

The petition has successfully collected over 500 signatures online.

Campaign · Petition closed · Change.org

However, in response to the above petition, a petition entitled 'We need Mrs. Burns' was also created in support of Mr Burns.

Campaign · We need Mrs. Burns. · Change.org

The person who launched the petition for We need Mrs. Burns said, 'It's ridiculous to have parents who judge her role as principal just by posting an Instagram post saying she likes Iron Maiden. Eden is public. It's a high school, not a Christian high school. '' The principal makes a lot of efforts to tell his students that Eden is a diverse place. '' She spreads more than love and kindness. Not, and probably one of the greatest principals of all time. '

The petition for We need Mrs. Burns had more than 22,000 signatures at the time of writing, and the petition for the dismissal of Principal Burns seems to have been withdrawn.

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