How to make your own Minecraft pig that will explode with people at 30km / h

Various animals will appear in the

game 'Minecraft ', which has the highest cumulative sales in the world. Electo, a college student YouTuber who announces electronic work, has released a movie that he made from scratch a 'pig' that is especially familiar to players among the animals that appear in Minecraft, and rides it in reality.

I Made The Fastest Rideable Minecraft Pig --YouTube

The first thing you need to run a Minecraft pig in the real world is a battery. But large batteries are very expensive ...

Attach the lithium-ion battery to the frame output by the 3D printer, weld the electrodes, and make your own from the battery.

The body is assembled by cutting plywood.

And I attached skateboard wheels to my hind legs ...

Rotate with a motor and rubber belt. In other words, the drive system is 2WD RR .

The stage before assembling and painting is like this.

In the game, pigs chase after having carrots. In order to reproduce this, I decided to use carrots to control the pig.

A camera is embedded in the tip of the pig's nose ...

This camera recognizes carrots as an image and changes the direction according to the position within the shooting range. For example, if the carrot moves to the right, the pig also turns to the right, if the carrot moves to the left, it turns to the left, and if it hangs in the center, it accelerates.

However, Electo notices a serious design mistake here. I used to wear skateboard wheels on my front legs as well as on my rear legs, but the wheels on my skateboard don't move from side to side, so I can't change direction.

Therefore, we will change the wheels on the forefoot to rubber wheels that rotate 360 degrees, such as those used in supermarket carts.

Furthermore, in order to be able to control the direction properly while running, I attached a motor of an electric drill to the rotating shaft of the rubber wheel so that it can be controlled

by Arduino.

Paint the whole body pink and you're done. If you look closely at the straddling back, you can see the saddle.

Electo headed for McDonald's drive-through, hanging a carrot over a pig.

However, it seems that the drive-through did not respond because the pig was too small.

In order to fulfill the dream of 'I want to order drive-through across pigs', I finally succeeded in ordering drive-through while it was on the loading platform of the pickup truck.

Although it is a considerable foul play, the mission of 'ordering McDonald's drive-through while riding a pig' is cleared for the time being.

Next was the speed test. First, run in the parking lot with the motor output suppressed to 30% and measure the maximum speed.

At 30% output, the maximum speed was 3 mph (about 4.8 km), and at best, I could only walk fast.

Next, when the output of the motor is set to 60% and measured, the maximum speed reaches 16 mph (about 26 km). It's as fast as I've done my best on my bicycle.

And when the output of the motor is set to 100% ...

The forefoot floated at an initial speed higher than I had imagined, and I ended up with a wheelie.

Regain your mind and start again. It showed a different acceleration than before, but soon I heard a strange noise from my hind legs.

When I opened it, the rubber belt that drives the rear wheels couldn't withstand the torque of the motor and floated from the gear ...

The eyes of the rubber belt had been completely scraped. From this, it turned out that it is just right to keep the output to about 60%.

In addition, it turned out that it is difficult to maneuver the carrot by recognizing the image and changing the direction when a certain speed comes out. So, I decided to attach a wireless joystick and control it.

So I will do the test run again.

Then, the maximum speed recorded 20 mph (about 32 km).

If this is the case, I will not lose to human sprinting, so I decided to compete with a friend who likes Minecraft.

Immediately after the start, humans show overwhelming acceleration power, but ...

The speed of the pig also accelerates, and the distance is shortened in a blink of an eye.

By the time it reaches 19 mph, pigs are almost catching up with humans.

After competing many times after that, it turned out that pigs are almost equal to humans who run at full speed.

However, as a result of repeated competition, the pig went out of control and hit a curb, causing the pig's hind legs to come off. Electo commented, 'I'm sure the pig will come back .... I don't want to remake it again, so I'm sure it's in your heart.'

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