Google counterclaims Epic Games 'in breach of contract and implemented its own in-app purchase'

It turned out that Google had filed a counter-complaint that Epic Games had filed a complaint against the antitrust law, saying that it was a breach of contract to implement its own payment system on the Android version of Fortnite. ..

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Google says Fortnite's in-app purchase swap was a breach of contract, sues Epic | Ars Technica

Google launches countersuit against Epic Games --9to5Google

According to a counter-complaint filed by Google on October 11, 2021 local time, Epic Games has released a version on Google Play that implements a payment system other than Google Play Billing in the in-app purchase of 'Fort Night'. , Google Play developer distribution agreement and Google Play Billing policy were violated.

For this reason, Google removed 'Fortnite' from the Google Store in August 2020, but Google claims that users who downloaded 'Fortnite' before the removal will still be Epic after the removal. It seems that the state of being able to handle Games' original payment system continued, and this is 'an act of avoiding the service fee agreed by the contract with Google'.

For these reasons, Google claims that 'Epic Games was unjust enriched by Google,' and is seeking damages in addition to compensation for losses in a series of events.

This time, Google filed a complaint in the Apple vs. Epic Games trial, saying, 'Epic Games is guilty of implementing its own payment system in Fortnite while violating Apple's guidelines. It is believed that Google's move this time was also in response to this decision, just after the decision to order Epic Games for damages was issued.

In a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, 'App Store should accept payment methods other than Apple', while there are voices saying that Apple will win --GIGAZINE

Epic Games is refraining from commenting on Google's counterclaim, but both Apple and Epic Games have filed appeals against the above Apple vs. Epic Games trial.

Apple appeals the proceedings with Epic Games and may delay the availability of third-party payments on the App Store-GIGAZINE

Epic Games Appeals Dissatisfaction with Apple's Proceedings-GIGAZINE

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