An iPhone case with a catapult that can eject candy at any time is born

Introduced in 2021, the

iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max display is covered with a ceramic shield, which is stronger than any smartphone glass. Even with the iPhone 13 Pro, which has such a sturdy ceramic shield, many people use a case to protect their device. Matty Benedetto of YouTuber who wanted to get a unique case made his own 'case that can eject candy' for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

I invented a candy undergoing iPhone Case (iPhone 13 Pro Max!) --YouTube

Benedetto, who used to use the iPhone 12 Pro Max, decided to design the perfect iPhone case based on his experience of dropping and breaking the device.

So, first search for the dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and model the case with 3DCG software.

The case is output by a 3D printer. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) filament is used for the material of the case. Since the TPU filament is flexible, it can be used in the case to create a highly cushioned material that is resistant to dropping.

QIDI TECH 3D printer X-max is used for output.

That's why the original case is completed. Since it uses TPU filament, you can see that it is flexible enough to bend.

When I attached it to the iPhone 12 Pro Max that I had at hand, the uneven part of the main camera fits perfectly.

The depth is designed to fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

With this alone, it would be just an iPhone case, so Benedetto said it was a candy ...

The idea of combining the elements of a pinball machine into a case was devised.

Therefore, 3DCG software is used to model the parts that combine the pinball machine elements with the case. The blue part is the injection machine, and the white part is the iPhone case that outputs with TPU filament. The large space under the main camera is where the candy is stocked, and the injection machine and injection rail are secured to the right of it.

The candy stock space and ejection rail allow only one candy to pass through.

That's why I immediately output additional parts with a 3D printer.

The output parts are as follows. The blue case is a part that combines the injection machine and the candy stock space.

The following are the parts used for the injection mechanism. The red part is the handle and tip of the injection machine that plays candy. Two springs are provided to prevent the handle of the injector from getting inside the case and being removed by placing the springs inside and outside the case.

The following are parts to be laid on the bottom of the candy stock space and the injection rail part to change the color as a whole.

That's why I applied adhesive to the parts ...


Then apply adhesive to the red parts ...

We will also assemble the injection mechanism.

Put a long spring in the case ...

A short spring is also attached to the outside of the case.

Finally, combine the injection machine part and the case.

This completes.

Confirm that the injection machine part works properly.

When the handle is not pulled, the injection machine closes the hole connecting the candy stock space and the injection rail part, so there is no need to worry about ejecting extra candy.

The last part, the acrylic plate, is

cut with a Growforge laser cutter.

And attached. The lower part of the candy stock space is dented as shown below ...

It can be easily removed. This makes it easy to refill candy at any time.

So all you have to do is install the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The iPhone case that can eject candy is completed.


add Leeds and Skittles candy ...

Just shoot.

Candy brilliantly dances in the sky.

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