It turns out that Apple had a 'special agreement to halve fees' with Netflix, due to disclosure of internal mail

In the court battle between Apple and Epic Games, court documents reveal various secrets between the two companies. An executive email found as part of the court document revealed that Apple was likely having 'a transaction to cut the fees collected from App Store profits by half' with Netflix. rice field.

The best emails from the Apple vs. Epic trial

The following is a mysterious exchange with Apple's internal email posted by Internal Tech Emails of the Twitter account that publishes the trial materials of the Apple vs. Epic Games proceedings. Please note that the email document before the internal Tech Emails have been cleared can be viewed from this link (PDF file).

In a 2018 email between Apple's subscription service manager Peter Stern and App Store chief Philip Schiller, 'They (Netflix) will say if the agreement expires. You may be nervous about the first-year subscription jumping from the current 15% to 30%. '

In an email that Stern contacted Schiller about the results of his meeting with Netflix Chief Business Development Officer Bill Holmes, 'I emphasized that Apple has a special agreement with Netflix. It was also written.

The Verge, the IT news site that first featured this document, said, 'In general, subscription service revenue on the App Store costs 30% in the first year and 15% in the second and subsequent years. However, Apple seems to have offered a delicious deal to Netflix to collect only 15% from the beginning. '

Also, as mentioned in the email, if it is true that Apple and Netflix had a 'special agreement', Apple CEO Tim Cook testified in Congress in July 2020. The phrase 'We treat all developers the same' was false.

'Tim Cook said in Congress that he's treating all developers the same,'but it's clear they aren't, so I'm always wondering. I was wondering. Isn't it a problem if I lie in Congress? '

In addition to Netflix, it has already been revealed that Apple has also signed an 'Agreement to halve Amazon Prime Video fees' with Amazon.

It turns out that Apple had made a 'secret agreement to halve the fee' only with Amazon-GIGAZINE

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