I tried 'Bolognese & Mascarpone style W sauce hamburger set meal' in which the hamburger was soaked in a rich double sauce

With a new genre called 'Matsuya-style Italian ', 'Bolognese & Mascarpone-style W sauce hamburger set meal ' appeared on October 5, 2021 (Tuesday), so I bought it and tried it.

New release of 'Bolognese & Mascarpone-style W sauce hamburger set meal' | Matsuya Foods


I came to Matsuya.

'Bolognese & Mascarpone-style W sauce hamburger' is 690 yen including tax for set meal and 630 yen including tax for rice set. You can change the rice for free until 10:00 on October 19th.

I bought it and came back.

The set meal includes rice, miso soup, and salad. If you take it home, miso soup will be charged separately (+60 yen).

The hamburger is covered with Bolognese sauce and mascarpone-style sauce.

Rather than 'hanging', there is enough to soak the hamburger in Bolognese sauce.

The tightly meaty hamburger steak and the sweet-tasting bolognese sauce of onions go great together. The taste is so rich that you might think that the meat in Bolognese was hardened into a hamburger steak. The mascarpone-style sauce has a cheese-like taste when combined with the Bolognese sauce, but the taste of the single item is light and the impression is that it loses the flavor of garlic. However, the taste is strong as a whole, and there is a feeling that the rice goes crazy. If the sauce remained, it was okay to entangle it with spaghetti.

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