I tried using functions such as body composition meter with the smart watch 'Galaxy Watch 4' which has many optimal functions for health management

The smartwatch 'Galaxy Watch4 ', which is equipped with many functions useful for health management and fitness such as body fat percentage, muscle mass measurement, and stress measurement, appeared on September 22, 2021. Following the photo review and setup , I finally tried to confirm the essence by actually using the function.

Galaxy Watch4 | Smart Watch | Galaxy Official (Japan)

First of all, I will try using the assist function during training. Swipe the display of the Galaxy Watch 4 from right to left ...

Call the training tile.

From here, check the screenshots taken with the Galaxy Watch 4. Then tap 'Walking'.

You will be asked to access the location information, so tap 'Only when using the app'.

Then, a 3-second countdown begins ...

Time, steps, heart rate, etc. will be measured.

During walking, it will vibrate every 1km or 30 minutes depending on the setting. In addition, when walking is stopped due to a signal, etc., the measurement is automatically paused.

Swipe the display from left to right during measurement to bring up such a screen, from which you can perform operations such as pausing and ending measurement.

At the end of the measurement, the time and distance spent walking, the number of steps, calories burned, etc. are displayed.

Average speed ...

You can check the average heart rate and so on.

In addition, Google Maps is also displayed, and you can check the route you actually walked.

Details of this information can be found in the

smartphone app 'S Health'.

Since the information of Galaxy Watch 4 is automatically synchronized with S Health, daily training information and information such as the number of steps and calories burned, which are not limited to training, are accumulated every day.

Next, let's measure body composition. First, call up the body composition panel and tap 'Measure'.

Then tap Gender.

Enter your height ...

Enter your weight.

Then, tap 'Measurement method' to check the measurement method.

First, move the Galaxy Watch 4 to the upper side of your wrist ...

Place the middle and ring fingers of the hand without the Galaxy Watch 4 on the two keys.

At that time, touch only the clock so that both hands do not touch each other.

The actual situation is like this.

Then, tap 'Start' to start measuring body composition by the bioelectrical impedance (BIA) method.

In about 15 seconds, skeletal muscle, body fat mass, body fat percentage, BMI, water content in the body, and BMR (basal metabolic rate) were measured.

In addition to this, you can measure stress based on the respiratory rate ...

Functions such as managing the music being played on the smartphone are provided.

You can also use the Wear OS app. By default, the following apps are installed.

When you open one of the apps, Google Maps, it will look like this. When you tap the search mark at the bottom ...

The destination can be set by voice input or character input. Tap the navigation mark ...

Select a means of transportation.

Then, navigation by Google Maps will start on both smartphones linked with Galaxy Watch 4. In front of the intersection, it was OK without checking the screen of the smartphone one by one, such as notifying with vibration and screen display. However, be aware that the navigation function will end when the Galaxy Watch 4 is separated from the smartphone.

With the dedicated app '

Galaxy Wearable App ', you can change the dial of Galaxy Watch 4 by combining more than 20 types of backgrounds and various display information ...

You can customize the Galaxy Watch 4, such as rearranging the tiles.

The silicone belt of the Galaxy Watch 4 fits well on the skin, and because it weighs about 50g, it doesn't really bother you even if you wear it for a long time. When I was walking on a sunny road during the day, the main body got a little fever, but it was a little higher than my body temperature. It will not interfere with the wearer during training and will assist in health management.

Due to the small size of the screen, it took some time to check the wide area map on Google Maps and to input characters, but basically the response was quick and I did not get caught during the operation. It was a smart watch with various health management functions added to the necessary and sufficient functions as a watch.

The main specifications of Galaxy Watch 4 are as follows.

CPU Clock frequency 1.18GHz, number of cores 2
display Resolution Resolution 450 x 450, Super AMOLED (organic EL), 16M colors
memory ROM16GB, RAM1.5GB
location information GPS / Glonass / Beidou / Galileo
Wifi 802.11 a / b / g / n 2.4 + 5GHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.0, A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP
NFC Correspondence
OS Wear OS Powered by Samsung
sensor Acceleration, barometric pressure, gyro, magnetism, optical heartbeat, ambient light, bioelectric impedance analysis
Battery capacity 361mAh, actual usage time up to 40 hours
Audio playback format MP3 / M4A / 3GA / AAC / OGG / OGA / WAV / AMR / AWB
Water resistance ISO standard 22810: 2010 (water resistance of 50m)

Galaxy Watch 4 can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp, and the price of pink gold , silver, and black is 33,500 yen including tax. The model, which is one size larger with a height of 44.4 mm, a width of 43.3 mm, and a thickness of 9.8 mm, is available in three colors, green , silver, and black , and all are 36,000 yen including tax.

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