Satisfaction with the rich, sweet and melty sauce of pistachio Komeda coffee shop 'Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio'

Seasonal Shiro Noir 'Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio' with plenty of pistachios as toppings and sauces was released on October 1, 2021. It is said that roasted pistachios are used luxuriously for the sauce that the bright green is eye-catching, so I actually tried to taste the pistachios.

We will sell 'Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio' with pistachios for a limited time only!

Arrived at Komeda Coffee Shop.

This is the normal size of the ordered 'Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio'. Soft serve ice cream stands on top of a green sauce, and crushed pistachios are sprinkled over it.

The thick sauce gives off a rich aroma of pistachio.

Looking at the overall size from above, it looks like this. Komeda Coffee's Shiro Noir is exceptionally large for a dessert.

It was cut to make it easier to eat, so I'll just eat it with a fork. The sauce is quite sweet and the texture is torotoro. The sauce alone fills the mouth with pistachios, but the crashed pistachios that come with a crunchy texture convey the taste of pistachios like 'chasing pistachios'. It was a dessert with a perfect balance of pistachio, dough and soft serve ice cream, and it was a perfect product for an afternoon.

The price of 'Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio' is 750 yen including tax for the regular size, and 550 yen including tax for the mini size, which is one size smaller. It is sold nationwide except for some stores for a limited time until the end of November 2021.

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