The longest submarine cable '2Africa' that surrounds the African continent expands to the Middle East, extending 8000km as '2Africa Pearls'

An extension plan for the submarine cable '2Africa ', which will be laid around the African Continent, has been announced. The name of the extension is ' 2Africa Pearls', which is a submarine cable of about 8000km that runs from Northeast Africa through the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, and connects Africa with India and the Middle Eastern countries.

2Africa Pearls connects Africa, Europe, and Asia --Facebook Engineering

2Africa Extended to the Arabian Gulf, India, and Pakistan

In May 2020, Facebook and MTN Global Connect, a digital infrastructure company, jointly announced a floor plan for the submarine cable '2 Africa'. It was introduced that 2Africa is a submarine cable with a total length of about 37,000 km that is laid around the African continent, improving Internet connectivity throughout Africa and connecting Africa and Europe.

Facebook announces the world's largest submarine cable laying design '2 Africa' that provides the Internet throughout Africa --GIGAZINE

The '2Africa Pearls' announced this time will be laid to connect to 2Africa. It is estimated that the cable will reach 10 new countries such as Africa, India, Pakistan and Oman, providing Internet connectivity to approximately 1.8 billion people. Facebook explains, 'A series of cables delivers about three times the bandwidth of existing cables, benefiting a total of 3 billion people in 33 countries.'

The African Continent has poor internet connectivity, with only a quarter of the 1.3 billion population having internet connectivity. Facebook has long been trying to provide the internet to areas that are not connected to the internet, aiming to interconnect Africa with the Middle East and Europe through a series of floor plans.

Facebook says, 'Over the past year, billions of people around the world have relied on the Internet to stay connected, highlighting the importance of connectivity. We are in Africa. We continue to invest in domestic and international submarine cables and build innovative solutions that will benefit everyone. '

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