1Password releases new feature 'Masked Email' that allows you to create disposable email addresses, and can be used with both browsers and smartphones

On September 28, 2021, 1Password, a password management service, announced a new feature, 'Masked Email,' that allows you to automatically generate and register a random email address when you create an account.

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Masked Email from Fastmail and 1Password

Extensions and for the PC browser, 1Password password management service that can be used on Android and iOS apps, the new features · Masked Email that can be used for, such as automatic generation to account registered on the spot a unique e-mail address of the mail service Fastmail and Jointly announced.

You can see what Masked Email is like by playing the following movie in one shot.

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Masked Email allows you to generate a random email address, just as you would automatically generate a password.

This feature comes into play when you enter your email address when creating accounts for various services.

When you select your email address field, Masked Email will automatically generate a Fastmail email and record it in your 1Password account.

The password is also automatically generated and recorded by 1Password, so users don't have to remember their email address or password.

Emails from the service that created the account will be automatically forwarded to the email address you are using.

One email address is assigned to each account, so you can quickly see which service is leaking your email address or reselling it to a spammer.

When unnecessary junk e-mails start to arrive at the automatically generated e-mail address, you can block spam simply by selecting the e-mail address and stopping the reception of e-mails. You don't have to worry about your real email address being leaked.

Both 1Password and Fastmail accounts are required to use Masked Email. Both are paid services, but those who open an account will get a 25% discount on the prices of both services in the first year.

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