'Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition' tasting review, both cans and contents dyed in 'passionate red'

From Red Bull, a new flavor 'Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition ' with the theme of 'passion' has been released in advance from September 28, 2021 (Tuesday) at convenience stores and other limited distribution stores. I received the 'Summer Return'Wings of Passion'Kit ' containing this Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition, so I drank it immediately.

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Red Bull Energy Drink The package of the 'Wings of Passion' Kit, which includes the Red Edition and the original Red Bull Energy Drink, is designed with the motif of autumn leaves.

When you open the lid, you'll find a piece of paper that imitates a beach ball and surfboard, as well as regular Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition. The two cans were buried in the sand packed in the package.

Red Bull Energy Drink The Red Edition package looks like this.

Ingredients are sugars (sugar, glucose), acidulants, carbonic acid, L-arginine, caffeine, colorants, flavors, niacin, calcium pantothenate, vitamins. Purple carrot and grape pigment are used as coloring agents, and orange is included as part of the raw materials.

Calories are 45 kcal per 100 ml, so one 250 ml can is about 113 kcal. The caffeine content is 32 mg per 100 ml, which means that each 250 ml can contains 80 mg.

I was curious about the contents, so I poured it into a transparent glass.

The regular Red Bull Energy Drink was light yellow, but this Red Edition is deep reddish purple. The scent is watermelon flavor, and the sweet scent drifts softly after pouring.

When I actually drink it, after the sweet scent spreads, a slight green odor goes through my nose, and it certainly has a watermelon-like scent. It is characterized by a strong sweetness like strawberry syrup, and the flavor peculiar to energy drinks is not so strong, and the strength of carbonic acid is almost the same as the usual one.

Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition will be available in advance at convenience stores and online stores from September 28, 2021 (Tuesday), and will be generally available at supermarkets and drug stores from October 26, 2021 (Tuesday). The suggested retail price is 190 yen excluding tax.

Also, from September 28th (Tuesday) to October 3rd (Sunday), a campaign will be held to win the 'Summer Return'Wings of Passion'Kit' by following and retweet the official Twitter account of Red Bull Japan. It has been.

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